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    Integrated design of a Bank building
    (2023) علي زواوي; مازن عبد الحق; ناصر ابو بكر
    Due to all the advantages and the role it plays in preventing future small or catastrophic consequences, integration design in buildings is a crucial component of any design stage in the modern building industry. The project we decided to work on is called "BANK." The primary factor that led to the selection of this project was its significance, particularly in light of the fact that banks have grown to play a significant role in Palestinian society and have altered the course of developing nations and contributed to their development. Because of their significance, banks must be made a comfortable and secure environment for both employees and visitors. This project presented us with a worthwhile challenge in creating an integrated. We found this project to be a good challenge in creating an integrated building design that manages to combine all aspects of the environmental, architectural, and structural design in the best possible way to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and the best comfort for those who will use the building. This will allow the building to be environmentally friendly and be regarded as a green building. Along with ensuring that the initial cost of the building and the operating costs remain within the bounds of reason and even attempt to make it as low as we can, all these goals will be met. By comparing, modifying, and gathering data using engineering software programs like Revit and Design Builder as well as construction simulation programs like ETAB and SAP, we will assess the building and the site.
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    Assessment and modification for an Administrative Building (Bank)
    (2023) وروود الحوح; محمد دراغمة; رهف علي
    In this project, an administrative building (Bank) that is designed by architectural department students in NNU, located in Rafidia -Nablus in Palestine, to assessment a design for (structural, environmental ,architectural, electrical, mechanical, fire, acoustical ) evaluation and improvement, to make sure that the design compliant for integrated design principles, then make a comparison between this project and standards and requirements that were collected for the same type of function of this building in the architectural field. After that, an environmental analysis was conducted to understand the nature of the building site and the main requirements of the building in order to obtain proposals for improving the building and then try to resolve the environmental problems it suffers from achieving the greatest degree of comfort for the users, then make a comparison of the building before and after the improvements. In the field of electro mechanics, many topics related to the building were designed based on the results obtained from programs in which the building is raised as a model, whether in terms of thermal or acoustic design or lighting in the building, whether natural or industrial lighting, HVAC system, fire suppression system in addition to Water, sanitation and energy design. In the structural part, the positions of the columns have been changed to suit the architectural functions of the building, and the building ability of working structurally as well, then make a structural model by using Etabs software to obtain some results for Equilibrium, Compatibility, and Stress-strain checks. Finally, after completing the previous stages, an estimated cost of the building was calculated in terms of materials and labor, and an estimate of the amount that will be spent on the project until it is complete.
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    An Integrated Redesign of HAYAT MUKAFAHAT AL-FASAD in Ramallah City
    (2023) لما دغلس; فاطمة دراغمة; ديما الشخشير
    تصميم المبنى المتكامل برز كواحد من أهم االحتياجات الضرورية في العصر الحديث ، وذلك ، ولضمان تصميم المباني وفقً لضمان راحة المستخدمين من أجل أن تكون الوظائف مناسبة ا ألعلى المعايير. مبنى هيئة مكافجة الفساد هو مبنى مكتبي وي صنف أي هيكل أو مساحة أو جزء منها يستخدم بشكل حصري أو أساسي ألغراض إدارية أو مكتبية أو أنواع أخرى من العمل. الهدف من المشروع هو إعادة تقييم تصميم المبنى الحالي وأدائه والذي يقع في منطقة البيرة. محافظة رام هللا ، على قطعة أرض مساحتها 1800 متر مربع . تبلغ مساح ة المبنى اإلجمالية 4600 متر مربع مقسمة على 7 طوابق باإلضافة إلى قبو من طابقين بمساحة 1800 متر مربع تم جمع المعلومات كخطوة أولى في مشروعنا ، حيث تم استخدام المعلومات التي تم جمعها لتقييم أهداف التصميم المعماري. قبل إجراء أي تعديالت ، قمنا بتقييم المرافق األساسية للمبنى ب ما في ذلك ساللم الطوارئ ومسارات الهروب ومواقف السيارات والمصاعد لضمان امتثالها للمعايير. تم تقييم المبنى من وجهة نظر بيئية اعتمادًا على برنامج Revit وبرنامج Design Builder. تم حساب حمل التبريد )526.988 Kw )وحمل التدفئة )283.24 Kw )، ومقارنة النتائج مع تلك بعد التعديالت. تم تقدير استهالك الطاقة للمبنى ) 85 كيلو وات / م 2(. ثم يتم اختيار أفضل نظام إنشائي يدعم المبنى ويلبي المعايير االقتصادية الالزمة. بعد ذلك ، تم استخدام برامج الكمبيوتر إلنشاء تصميم آمن. تم إجراء التحقيق في هذا المشروع باستخدام برامج الكمبيوت ر مثل AutoCAD و Revit و Etabs و Builder Design و .Lumion في الجزء الثاني ، تم إجراء التالي: ت م اقتراح المزيد من التفاصيل في التصميم البيئي لتحسين أداء النظام ، وتم تصميم تصميم المبنى انشائيا واختيار نظام التصميم المناسب للمبنى (slab ribbed way two (,وتم اقتراح نظام انارة معي ن مع تصميمه باستخدام برنام ج(Dialux),وتم تصميم المبنى من ناحية التبريد والتكيف باستخدام نظام VRF System,وتصميم خطوط الماء باالضافة الى تصميم نظام خاليا شمسية لتغطية %50 من إعادة تصميم متكاملة لجميع األنظمة الهندسية وفقً احمال المبنى, و المنتج النهائي لمشروعنا ا لهذا النوع من توصيات البناء. الكلمة األساسية: البيئة ، مبنى المكاتب ، كفاءة الطاقة ، استهالك الطاقة
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    Integrated redesign of the multistorey car park
    (2023) روان صلاحات
    In business sector, people spend most of their daytime at work and interact with others. Hence, the office buildings and commercial buildings should be design and equipped to be comfortable and suitable to serve all the employee’s needs. In addition to that, the good designing for commercial building can be considered as attraction point for shopping. This Graduation Project has been dealt with an integrated re-designing for an office building. The building has re-designed to be a multi-functional building that contain commercial, shopping and restaurants areas, since the property of the building is a private and it’s more efficient to design the building in that way. The main objective of this project is to design an office-commercial building that achieve safety, comfort and suitable atmosphere for its occupants and users starting with architectural modifications which ensure providing suitable areas and spaces for accommodate multi-functions there. While structural design is ensuring that the safety and serviceability is accepted in the structure. Whereas, the Environmental modifications are fulfilling the comfort with its various types such as thermal, acoustical, lightening and indoor air quality in the building. The building has been designed in an integrated manner between the all necessary engineering systems. To fulfill the aforementioned objective, it was necessary to make a deep analysis of the building, collect data about the spaces that must exist in this type of buildings as specifications and do comparison with case studies that functionally similar. As a result of the full analysis, the re-design process has been run directly to achieve all objectives of the building. The re-design process for all building aspects has been achieved using some computer software such as AutoCAD, Revit, Etabs, Design Builder, INSUL, EASE, DIALux, PVsyst and Lumion. To manage the redesign process in the best way, site analysis is the first step that allow the designer to realize the nature land topography and surrounding environment. On this redesign project, this step mainly affects on the environmental design, which include ventilation, natural lighting and acoustics. In addition, that affects on the internal distribution of the spaces. Architectural re-design is the second step that must totally done as standard and specifications to serve all building users. As for the structural design, it has been done according to soil structure and seismic analysis. At this stage some computer software are necessary to done a safely design. After that, it’s time for HVAC and mechanical design that includes drainage and water supply. These two systems are better to go in conjunction because some HVAC extensions will reach the mechanics pipes. Then, Electrical design has been introduced. It contains lighting, power and control panel design. Finally, building safety is very important, so fire system has been designed in all details such as emergency exits and alarm system. At the end of the project, the outputs of our project have been considered as an integrated re-design for all engineering systems without any conflict between them which recommended in this type of buildings. All results will be detail in a report, drawings and bill of quantity
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    Assessment and Redesign for Sameer Shanaa Mall
    (2023) رغيدة دهون; ماريا شتية; دلال نزال
    This project aims to represent an integrated re-designing for Sameer Shanaa Mall (Commercial Building) in Nablus in order to be a model for the provision of various services to people include stores, offices, restaurant and playing hall for kids. The building will be design according to systems that reduce energy consumption and achieve thermal, acoustical and visual comfort, through the use some insulators and the exploitation of solar energy. The design will take into account people with special needs in terms of the width of the corridors and their way of accessing to the building, similarly the general safety requirements of the buildings. As regards to constructions, the appropriate structural system for this building will be determine and design ensuring the safety and serviceability. The Environmental modifications various types including thermal, acoustical and lightening will be designed. For this project, the quantities and specifications will be calculated. In this project, a hard work will be made to achieve the integration between all the different systems to avoid any problems during the operation of the facility to reduce maintenance and operating costs. To achieve all building aspects some computer software will be used such as AutoCAD, INSUL, EASE, Etabs, Design Builder and DIALux. Redesign process include site analysis, Architectural re-design as standard and specifications, environmental analysis, structural design, HVAC and mechanical design that includes drainage and water supply, Electrical design contains lighting, power and control panel design and finally, fire system has been designed. All results had detailed in the report, drawings and bill of quantity