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  • Interactive Table 

    Deeb, Ameena; Abu Mazen, ikram (2019)
    This project involves of a matrix of RGB LEDs, distributed in five rows and five columns to form a 5 X 5 Matrix, this project is able to control the RGB's color, light intensity and many other things related to the ...
  • Refrigerator Control App 

    Deeb, Ameena; Abu Mazen, ikram (2019)
    Refrigerator Control is a mobile application, designed specifically to deal with a software related to the smart family refrigerators. These refrigerators are designed in a particular way with cameras inside them such ...
  • Tomato Harvesting Robot 

    Malhis, Luai (2019)
    These days, Many people are away from agricultural work and turning towards industries, because of the ease of working in the industrial sector and farmers are looking for what always helps them. Our project is a robot ...
  • Child Care 

    Malhis, Luai (2019)
    Health information record of a new-born is important for quality healthcare. Ideally, it should comprise digital record of growth, periodic health examinations and vaccination of a baby. The objective of this project is ...
  • Pharmacy Robot  

    ABUBAKER, Siham; ABUBAKER, Maysa (2019)
    Nowadays we noticed a huge usage of robots on the different sides of our life like industrial, medical and solving games. Humans tend to rely onrobotstoachievetheirworks,inordertogetmoreefficientandaccurate results, also ...

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