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  • Effect of Antihistamine on Acceleration of Wound healing in Rabbits 

    Abu Malash, Monjed; Shalabi, Abdel Hafeeth (2018-05-16)
    Wound healing or wound repair is the natural process of regeneration of tissue after injured. The surgical intervention may need for treat of some diseases in animal . Because is more stress and painful for animal and ...
  • Classification of Pneumonic Sheep Lung From Slaughterhouse According to Histopathology 

    Hroub, Mohammad; Jibreen, Alaa (2018-05-16)
    Pneumonia is considered as one of the most common disease affecting sheep. Its responsible for major economic losses through high lamb mortality rates, reduced weight gain, condemnation of lungs in slaughterhouses. In ...
  • A Survey of Hepatic Lesions in Slaughter Sheep 

    Shalabi, Ahmad; Aqtash, Fawzi; Baniodeh, Tawfiq (2018-05-16)
    Food animals such as sheep, goats and cattle represent a major source of high-quality food for human (John K. Loosli et al., 1809). On the other hand, they severe as a major vehicle for transmission of diseases to human ...
  • Effect of Bacteria on Germination of Barley Grown Under Wide Salt Range Stress 

    Sakhen, Wael; Daragmeh, Omar; Al-Fares, Ansam; Qarash, Donia; Jabi, Abdullah; Howari, Nidal; Ayoub, Mohammad (2018-05-16)
    Barley is the fourth most important cereal crop in the world after Wheat, Maize and rice. Barley originated in or near the area bordering Syria and Iraq with Iran and Turkey ( fertile crescent). Barley can adapted under ...
  • Using Yeast in Tomato Production 

    Atawnah, Waleed; Mansour, Hamza; Ateeq, Mahmoud; Khlaif, Ayman; Zakef, Osama (2018-05-16)
    Tomato considered one of the most important vegetables in Palestine, so there is many efforts to improve its yield and properties as producing new cultivares,to improve the surrounding environment and in our case using ...

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