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  • Safety Car 

    Al-Hammouz, Zaina; Khdair, Sajeda (2019)
    Our project is an idea that helps drivers when they are driving, the idea based on a smart system that helps the driver in several modes while driving, for example, if the weather was bad and while it rains heavily the ...
  • Money Keeper 

    Hammouz, Zaina; Abdul-Aziz, Sahar (2019)
    Our project is a mobile application which will help people to manage their money especially for people who spend their money in a random way without any management or organization and may sometimes to dept from other people, ...
  • Aurora (self-driving car) 

    Khatatba, Rola; Badawi, Salaheddin (2019)
    Aurora is the implementation of a self-driving car, that uses image processing to detect the direction of the street and move along the angle, in addition to the detection and recognition of traffic road signs and traffic ...
  • Bon Appetite 

    Khatatba, Rola; Abdoh, Shuaa (2019)
    With the evolution of technology, all information and data are getting more available and easy to find every day. Moreover, with the advancement in artificial intelligence, systems can now be customized to further fit what ...
  • Smart Parking System 

    Hbaisheh, Dalia; Abdulaziz, Sahar (2019)
    Smart parking system is a garage consists of multiple floors, when a car enters the garage, an automatic lift moves the car to the floor that has available place to stop in. It gives the driver the code of the available ...

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