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  • Children Hsopital 

    Qubbaj, Hind (2019)
    Project: Private children's hospital / Capacity: 100 beds Location: On the road between Nablus and Tulkarem I have chosen this project because of the absence of this type of specialized health services, although ...
  • Palestinian Environmental Research Center 

    Aslan, Majd (2019)
    Why this project was chosen? The challenges the Palestinian environment face and our duty to reserve it and take the best advantage out of it, so my project was an environmental Palestinian research center that aims to ...
  • Al-Ribat Cultural Center 

    Kord, Walaa (2019)
    The project is a cultural center in Hebron, Palestine. The main feature of its location is having a special view at the old city urban fabric and Al-Ibrahimy mosque. Therefore, the main design concept is getting inspiration ...
  • Central Bus Station 

    Hanbali, Mohammad (2019)
    The Central Station project is a strategic project that reflects the development of the city and the ability of its system to move users in an effective way, linking them to the main attractions and areas of high use on ...
  • Children Creativity Center 

    Abd-Alfattah, Amalia (209)
    The Child Creativity Center is a center that targets the creative child, provides a special environment for children, and develops their talents, abilities and development. The proposed area for the establishment of this ...

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