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  • Drively 

    عموري, سارة; مخلوف, أسيل (2021)
    Due to the technological development and the development of life in the current era and the greater dependence on the Internet, we created this website to make it easier for many and save time and effort for them to reach ...
  • Al Abrar Pharmacy 

    داوود, لين; عبدالله, الاء; رداد, ليلى (2021)
    We designed two systems for Al Abrar Pharmacy. The first is a site that serves the pharmacy owner, A system that can organize the buying, selling, searching and inventory processes in the pharmacy. Where the work of the ...
  • Book store 

    وائل, ورود; بني جابر, نهى; عاصي, لانا (2021)
    The project that we have prepared is a website that offers books for sale online and allows the feature of downloading books, as the site consists of two main parts, namely the website page and the store page, which allows ...
  • Sbitany Sales Expert System 

    مرمش, ياسمين; يونس, ماسة (2021)
    It is one of the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications that has become a technology trend in the world.It passes by the stages of decision-making in the human mind, taking a certain procedure in which ...

    الحج قاسم, مجد; عزيز, عبيدة (2021)
    l-Qasem Company started its activity in the field of energy applications since 2011. Al-Qasem Solar Energy Company was established as a Palestinian company specialized in alternative energy systems in 2018 under the number ...

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