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  • Milk Machine 

    Mousa, Isra; Majdalawi, Jenan (2018)
    Breastfeeding has been the most natural known method since many centuries, but technology always provide humanity with improvements in many fields. In our situation, we will focus on industrial feeding for animals where ...
  • An-Najah child institute 

    zaid, Inas; Mejdalwe, Jenan (2018)
    As the number of disabled people in the world has increased significantly and especially in recent times of our modern era [1], we decide to do something to help them, especially children. We found that An_Najah child ...
  • Sorting Robot 

    zaid, Inas; Shenawy, Noura (2018)
    Image processing in the technology world takes a big attention since it has the ability to make the scope of application much greater, although robots have taken a big place especially in industry. Many factories need a ...
  • Leader/Follower System 

    Johari, Noor; Najjar, Lubna (2018)
    A method for a centralized architecture that promotes the leader/follower relationship in the world of robotics, which emphasizes the capability and efficiency of such systems, where a leader controls and gives direction ...

    Johari, Noor; Najjar, Lubna (2018)
    Eureka is a service provider application that offers different services and modern solutions to existing problems. It is a cross-platform application, developed using React Native that is reliable, convenient, user-friendly, ...

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