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    Batta, Alaa; Zawyani, Loay (2017)
    Our project “Maze Solver " is a robot that is able to solve a maze by finding its end without knowing any previous information about it .There will be a black line that highlight all paths in the maze, so the robot will ...
  • Connect Social Media 

    Ali Nawwas, Mutaz; Batta, Ala’a (2017)
    The name of our project is " Connect " which is a social media website that will have many features . In our website every user can sign up in the website and has their own profile so that the users can put their own ...
  • Hand Gesture-Controlled Car Robot 

    Helo., Reham; Shaheen, Aya (2017)
    In many application of controlling robotic gadget, it becomes quite hard and complicated when there comes the part of controlling it with remote or many different switches, a new concept is introduced to control the machine ...
  • Imagination Book 

    Shaheen, Aya; Salawdeh, Amal (2017)
    Picture books are not meant only for children some are aimed at adults. But what about a living 3D picture book where you can play inside the story with its characters? Having fun and learn while mixing real world with ...
  • CPU Lab Simulator 

    Kilani, Nael; Abo Salah, Mohammad (2017)
    The CPU Lab Simulator is basically to help Computer Engineering students in our department in the CPU Lab construction process by building the CPU using this project to give them the ability to check if the CPU will be ...

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