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  • رسالة النجاح 10 

    Unknown author (1983)
    في بداية الفصل الدراسي الحالي، وفي اليوم الاول منه، كان طلبة الجامعة منهمكين بتنظيف ‏الجامعة وزراعة الاشجار المثمرة، ‏وغرس الورود، كانوا جميعا يعملون بجد ومثابرة، وكان ‏كل واحد منهم، يعمل وكأنه يعمل على تنظيف منزله وزراعة ...
  • Sport Center 

    YAQUB, RANEEN (2020)
    The concept The merging of the architecture from of he sports center with the surrounding anvironment of the region to be part of the surrounding nature> Creating running tracks that start from the site to the roof of ...
  • Palestine International Airport 

    HASIBA, MASA (2020)
    Concept The use of curves that reflect the nature of the sandy mountains at the site and we can notice the reflection of it flow on the airport structure . Use this shape to create a central area that connect plan gates ...
  • Design of Health Center 

    Qablawi, Razan; Nazzal, Taimaa (2020)
    A Health Center is one of the most important facilities by a group of general practitioners and nurses providing healthcare services to people in a certain area, these centers provide access to a range of medical services ...
  • Re-Design of Multi-Function Building 

    Abu Al-Hoos, Bassam; Halbouni, Hasan; Ashour, Saad (2020)
    The interest in designing for multi-function building has been escalating with time as a result of the changing needs of users. “Rapid growth in urban centers continues to spur planners to create new solutions. multi-function ...

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