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  • Innovation Techno Forum 

    ABUZANT, FARAH (2022)
    This research aims to highlight the general technology field current situation in Palestine, especially in West Bank, challenges regarding it and to propose areas of intervention that can help to deal with those challenges ...
  • Beautiful Times Machine 

    Mahmoud, Horia; Nasser, Shihnaz (2021)
    Beautiful Times Machine is a machine for catching toys, using a moving robotic crane controlled by Joystick , that controls the claws movement in three dimensions up down left or right, to help the player to catch the ...
  • Virtual Chemistry Lab 

    Jaber, Saja; Mahmoud, Horia Mahmoud (2021)
    Our project is a web application to help the students applying chemistry experiments online with teachers, This is because there are several circumstances that prevent them from applying experiments in laboratories, such ...
  • Home Smart Home 

    Othman, Raneen; Zabin, Shaima’a (2021)
    For most of the last 50 years , technology knew its place . We all use technology for most parts of our life. from the simplest thing of our life to the hardest ,using technology is becoming a necessity . The word “smart” ...
  • Give 

    Othman, Raneen; Zabin, Shaima’a (2021)
    The aim of this project is to develop a mobile app that has a charitable nature to facilitate the work of charitable societies and to help needy people get the help they need. Our app connects students with benefactors ...

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