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  • Automated Hydroponics 

    zaid, Eman; Sharaqa, Braah (2019)
    Hydroponics is a modern method in Aquaculture without the use of soil. It based on the water and nutrient solution. Aquaculture has many benefits, such as, including doubling traditional production , better utilization of ...
  • Android Cooking Application 

    Darwish, Eman; A. Aziz, Mai (2018)
    Oui Chef is an Android app developed to help people deciding what to cook. This app enables people to search by the ingredients they have in their fridges, this saves time and food from being wasted, also Oui Chef enable ...
  • Enviro Super heroes 

    Daraghmeh, Asma; Najeh, Dalia (2019)
    T​his project is an educational game for children aged +3 to learn about the importance of a healthy and clean environment,and what they can do to keep the community clean,also to learn them how to use resources such as ...
  • prepaid water meter 

    Daraghmeh, Asma; Najeh, Dalia (2019)
    This project design and builds a prepaid water meter. This water meter come with payment system based on IOT technology (Internet Of Things). A Valve in the water meter will control the water flow in the system, the state ...
  • The Featured Wheelchair 

    Hafitha, Waed; Sarra, Raneen; Sadaqa, Nagham (2019)
    بعض الناس لديهم قدرات محدودة في الحركة ، والتي تجعلهم بحاجة لاستخدام الكراسي المتحركة من أجل مساعدتهم على القيام بمهامهم بسهولة.الغرض من هذا المشروع هو خدمة هؤلاء الناس من خلال تطوير كرسي متحرك مع إضافة ميزات أكثر عن الكرسي ...

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