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  • Smart Lifting Machine 

    Hamad, Nafe’; Yaqoup, Ahmad (2020)
    There is no doubt that the world is witnessing a tremendous technical development, especially in the field of industries, and there is no doubt that the measure these days is the extent of using modern technologies that ...
  • ARShop 

    Khaseeb, Aseel; Yameen, Razan (2020)
    We are now in the age of speed and technology, and with the presence of the Corona, which made the presence of applications and websites on the Internet in different fields important to facilitate the practice of some ...
  • Smart Home 

    Khaseeb, Aseel; Deek, Noor (2020)
    The smart home project, through which we seek to provide safety in the house and rationalize electricity consumption, where sensors are used to carry out some tasks, and the mobile application is used to control some things ...
  • Autism 

    Bobali, Lina; Yamien, Shaima (2020)
    Autism affects over fifty million individuals worldwide [1], and there is increasing in their numbers in Palestine. So, we need to find something in our field to help them and improve their abilities and to reduce their ...
  • Akita 

    Sadder, Hamza; Salman, Rami (2020)
    Our project aims to build a Guard robot that provides the image processing features necessary to support functionalities such as surveillance and the ability to detect malicious objects. The robot will be able to report, ...

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