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  • Comparison Between Different Slab Systems(Structural and Economical) 

    Abdullah Shehab; Jihad Zakarnah; Mohammed Al-Qasim (2019)
    In the construction industry, there are many systems that are used in the slab systems. In this project, the systems were analyzed to decide which of them the most economical system is. The project is about a residential ...
  • Improvement of Clayey Soil Using Egg Shell Powder and Quarry Dust 

    Suhad Dauod Thabet; Waad Zaher Thiab (2019)
    In this project we will study many problems in soil such as: land sliding, collapsible soil, landfill, cavities, and swelling. We will focus on swelling and do many experiments in order to enhance its properties. Civil ...
  • Design of water distribution network and Wastewater collection network for Kefel Haris village 

    Amjad Hussam Abu Ya’qoub; Abdull-Raoof Shehadeh; Nser Ali Bouzia; Mohammad Lahloh (2019)
    Civil engineering is very important in our life, because it deals with several problems in the world, one of these problems is how to construct a water network and deliver it to people, and another one is the waste water. In ...
  • {Assessment of AL-Hag Qasim School } Quantity Survey and Cost Estimate 

    Laith Naseer Daqa; Mo’men Adnan Harashe; Mohamad Ashraf Khader (2019)
    Construction industries have become an important player and are vital for the economic development of any country particularly the developing countries, where they face problems and challenges. Successful completion of ...
  • Assessment and Design of Al- Jam’a Tower 

    Ghaithaa’ Lahlooh; Rabab Jarrar; Salam Kharrousheh (2019)
    This project about Assessment and design of Al- Jam’a Tower which is located in Jenin. The Tower has a total area about 11018 m2 , it consists 9 floors and roof. In our project we made a structural analysis for the tower ...

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