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  • Remote Health Monitoring System 

    Mukhemir, Abeer; Mukhemir, Razan (2019)
    The purpose of this project is to utilize the usability of modern technologies in health mentoring field, the project targets the operation of mentoring patients’ health status by doctors and aims to provide a solution ...
  • Freshy 

    Mukhemir, Abeer; Mukhemir, Razan (2019)
    Gourmands are people who love eating and enjoy food as much as they can, those people often eat a lot so they’ll always need new recipes to try, i.e. they’ll need an application that gives them recommendations for new ...
  • Design of Directorate of Education In Nablus 

    Saqf Al-Heat, Mohamed; Mohamed Hasan, Murad; Namrouti, Deaa (2020)
    The objective of this project is to re-study the facilities of the Directorate of Education in Nablus governorate to come up with an integrated building that meets all aspects of the environment, structural, and architectural, ...
  • Assessment and Redesign For Establishment Of Manage & Development Orphans Funds in Ramallah City 

    Adele, Abdullah; Abu-Taha, Ali; Asayra, Arif (2020)
    Although the development we live in, we need to properly design all departments of government, public and private sectors. It is necessary to consider the need of any public institution to possess specifications and ...
  • Scientific Research Center 

    Kabaha, Basher; Karmi, Mohammad; Nawahda, Mohammad; Salah Al-Dean, Ibrahim (2020)
    This project is a Scientific Research Centre located in Nablus, Palestine. The area of the project is about 16,000 m2. The implementation of such a project gives many benefits, the most important of which is to conducting ...

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