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  • Robotic Arm 

    Kharrousheh, Ahlam; Dwekat, Lama (2019)
    Arm Robot it uses to search for items and move them from one place to another. It helps in exploring areas that can not access by humans, such as tunnels, caves and narrow areas. The robot has an arm that moves in all ...
  • Student Behavior Tracking System “SBTS” 

    Yamin, Aya; Kharrousheh, Ahlam (2019)
    Student Behavior Tracking System (SBTS) is a very useful system. It is a tracking system of performance of students and teachers to manage their behavior in school. It is a consideration of responsibility and accountability, ...
  • Smart Helmet 

    Yamin, Aya; Al-sayyed, Sojood (2018)
    Smart helmet is a protective cap. It will be designed especially for factories that contain large group of workers and work under dangerous such as emission of toxic gas. And because safety is a requirement of any ...
  • Travelo 

    Alsayyed, Sojood; Sabbneh, Reem (2018)
    This project is a Mobile application that allows the traveler to find their preferable places to visit in a specific country. It will allow them to add their location (either manually specify the name of the city or detecting ...
  • Smart Farm 

    Dwekat, Mohammad; Jaber, Fadi (2019)
    The main purpose of our project is to solve a real problem that faces the farming market affecting everyone from farmers to sellers to consumers, and that is the unstable and poor productivity of vegetables, fruits, ...

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