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  • Design of Health Center 

    Qablawi, Razan; Nazzal, Taimaa (2020)
    A Health Center is one of the most important facilities by a group of general practitioners and nurses providing healthcare services to people in a certain area, these centers provide access to a range of medical services ...
  • Re-Design of Multi-Function Building 

    Abu Al-Hoos, Bassam; Halbouni, Hasan; Ashour, Saad (2020)
    The interest in designing for multi-function building has been escalating with time as a result of the changing needs of users. “Rapid growth in urban centers continues to spur planners to create new solutions. multi-function ...
  • Children Creativity Center 

    Hamdan, Abdullah; Illaiwi, Ahmad; Shaheen, Sarah (2020)
    This project is a children creative center, its function based on cultural and educational scenarios. It aims to increase the places children can go where they can improve their abilities and express their ideas especially ...
  • TULKARM Municipality Building 

    DAMERI, DINA (2020)
    Tulkarm is considered the center of Tulkarm Governorate and it provides governmental and administrative services to about 38 villages surrounding the city. Tulkarm is considered an agricultural city famous for growing ...
  • Could electronic tongue be used to assess the taste variation of an oral reconstructed suspension after being stored under the recommended storage conditions? Panel taste/Electronic tongue correlation 

    Dana Abu Dayeh; Leena Al-omari; Mohammad Yaqoup (2020-09-30)
    Background: The taste of oral liquid dosage forms is a crucial factor that impacts pediatric patient compliance. The electronic tongue (ET) is an emerging tool that could be useful in taste assessment in order to minimize ...

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