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  • Analyis And Design Of Planet Biodiversity Research Center 

    Hybat Omaria; Morad Shehade; Mahmoud Mahmoud; Qusai Bani Fadel (2019)
    The Idea of this project came from the need of Palestinian area to a Plant Biodiversity Research Centre because it’s an agricultural country since that no centre like this in our country, and it will serve all region around ...
  • Designing of Wastewater collection network of Kafr Ra’I Town 

    Abd Al-Khaliq Touqan; Obadah Hamdan (2019)
    Water is very important for all the requirements of living such as: drinking, washing, irrigation, agriculture and industry. So water is necessary to keep the human alive. However, as a result of water consumptions, ...
  • Design of a Treatment Plant for Kafr Thulth Town 

    Ashar Awad; Zaynab Ishtawi (2019)
    Problems of the water sector have recently led to continuous deterioration of water quality, limited resources, depletion of the aquifer, Israeli control over surface water reservoirs, and other serious immediate consideration ...

    Mohammad Jbara; Mohamad Zubide (2019)
    Water is an essential element in a life. No life, health, cleanliness without it. Zeta is a Palestinian town located in the Tulkarm governorate and is far away 10 kilometers to north and it Located on a plateau rising ...
  • Design and Analysis of Qarresh and Qutub Center 

    Abdulrahman Swalmah; Basil Almaani; Reham Thaher (2019)
    Qarresh and Qutub center is a commercial building, which is located in Rafedia Street in Nablus city in Palestine. The aim of the establishment of this building is to provide commercial and investment rooms for people and ...

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