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  • Feed your PET 

    Abuamsha, Yara; Ihbeisheh, Israa (2017)
    Many people travel day by day. But many of them leave something very important alone behind them for too long time .This thing could be a Pet animal! And for looking after this little creature, this system is done. ...
  • Counselor 

    Ihbeisheh, Israa; Abuamsha, Yara (2017)
    Counselor is an interactive lawyers – customer’s application that will help both customers and lawyers to fulfill their goals and any obstacle they may face communicating with each other. This application will help them ...
  • BET Surface Area Analyzer Design 

    Kamal Tanbour, Rafeeq (2012-05)
  • Production of Fuel from Polymer Waste. 

    Hamad, o Afnan; Jamous, o Marah; Manasra, o Mohammad; Rasheed, o Rahal (2012-05)
    This century can be called “Plastic age”, plastics play a major role in our modern life, plastic was alternative for most industrial materials due to its fabulous properties, there is an increase in the production and ...
  • Automatic Book Scanner 

    Jamal, Iyad; Al-Hudhud, Mohammed-Ali (2017)
    In the Recent years in ANNU, the number of students who are taking their colleagues notebooks and print it on papers has been increased. To scan these huge numbers of note books for other students it will take a lot of ...

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