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  • Children's Creativity Center 

    ABU ZAHRA, AYA (2022)
    The Child Creativity Center is a center that targets the creative child, provides a special environment for children, and develops their talents, abilities and development. The proposed area for the establishment of this ...
  • The Academy OF Performing Arts 

    ANTARI, GHENA (2022)
    There is no doubt that a project such as the Academy of performing Arts in the country is one of the projects that is unique, not only because of the need to meet the artistic requirements that the younger generations ...

    Marea, Abdalrhman; Saleh, Ahmad; Sakhel, Abdalhakeem (2022)
    MENTORSHIP PROGRAM FOR UNDERGRADUATE IT STUDENT The main reason for creating the system is for helping mentor from companies to find the top student with well knowledge in some criteria like Front End for example and ...
  • Museum 

    AL-HAJI, AHMAD (2022)
    Technology has advanced at an exponential rate over the last few decades. We are now living in a world where robots are an integral part of everyday life. That’s why there are now museums dedicated for helping people ...
  • AGRi-Touristic Village 

    ARAFAT, HEYAM (2022)
    Agri-tourism is a form of rural tourism that links agriculture with tourism in order to attract visitors to an agricultural place for many purposes. What the Al-Nassariya region is witnessing today is its transformation ...

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