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  • Effect of Applied Fields on The Magnetic Properties of Donor Impurity Confined in Parabolic GaAs Quantum Dot 

    الدراوشة, امال جودت نايف (An-Najah National University, 2018-06-12)
    Based on the effective mass approximation, the magnetic properties of parabolic GaAs quantum dot have been investigated in the presence of magnetic field, tilted electric field, in addition to Rashba Spin Orbit Interaction. ...
  • Magnetic properties of donor impurity in GaAs semiconductor quantum pseudo-dot system (GaAs) 

    ريحان, هناء محمد (An-Najah National University, 2018-03-31)
    The magnetic properties like magnetization and susceptibility of donor impurity in quantum pseudo-dot (QPD) are studied in the presence of the applied external magnetic and electric fields. The shifted 1/N expansion method ...
  • The Magnetization of Donor Impurity in Quantum Dot with Gaussian Confinement Under Magnetic Field 

    قاروط, سلسبيل صالح محمد (An-Najah National University, 2018-12-03)
    The effect of magnetic field on the donor impurity states confined in GaAs with Gaussian confinement has been studied. The Hamiltonian, including the spin term,has been solved by using 1/N expansion method.The energy and ...
  • The Conductance Calculation of Silicene Field Effect Transistor 

    معالي, فاطمه هلال هليل (An-Najah National University, 2018-11-07)
    In this thesis, we have produced the number of carriers concentration expression of Silicene channel in Field Effect Transistor (FET) against gate voltage at various temperatures. Furthermore, we have also presented explicit ...

    Ahmad, Lama; Hilan, Maha; Awajneh, Marah (2019)
    Hostels project is one of the important ,& vital project in education community due to the increasment of the high demand of higher education ,which encourages young student to go abroad&follow their passion of reaching ...

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