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  • Smart GreenHouse 

    Al-Hattab, Alaa (2019)
    Our project is a smart greenhouse. It provides an automated, customizable environment to suit the growth of different types of plants. The project aims to provide this through a smart embedded system that controls various ...
  • Competency Management System (CMS) 

    Al-Hattab, Alaa’; hashayki, Walaa’ (2019)
    When companies search for new employees, The results can be inaccurate and uncertain using the usual research methods, Also, many students cannot create a CV and since the CV varies according to job opportunities, so we ...
  • iTour 

    Jarwan, Fadi; Shayeb, Mahmoud (2019)
    These days, tourism is an important element of building any society or state, as it confirms the nobility and originality of any country, and we do not forget that it also constitutes a large financial income for that ...
  • Smart Grass Cutter 

    Hillo, Bassam; Jarawan, Fadi (2019)
    There is a continuous increase in green areas in the world, either in our homes or in public areas, where grass grows fast and to keep these areas beautiful we have to introduce a technology in this area to help in mowing ...
  • Conservation of the Material Cultural Heritage in Al-Aqsa Mosque 

    AL-Omary, Aya; Hamza, Sara; Mari, Mariana (2019)
    This project contributes to the progressive efforts in restoration and preservation (conservation) of the material Islamic heritage in Al-Aqsa mosque and Dome of The Rock in Jerusalem city. These two treasures of Islamic ...

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