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    Designing the “4 stars” Hotel
    (2022) Bozyah, Rawan; AbuHamma, Mohammad; Qaradeh, Muath
    In this project, we will redesign and improve a building in Rafidia-Nablus, which includes Offices and Bedrooms, and turn it into an eco-friendly 4-star hotel. We chose this project because the city of Nablus needs such a building, as there isn’t much of it in Palestine yet. Also, we believe we will learn a lot from the process and challenge of working on this Hotel, and this hotel’s construction will provide many job prospects for the engineering sector in Palestine. Finally, during its life, it will help the economy of the city of Nablus due to its unique prospects and placement in such an important place as Rafidia. In this project, we will study the current design and compare it to standards to determine the aspects we should improve. We will provide a case study to compare and contrast. Then, we will provide an improved architectural design that considers the structural, environmental, and mechanical design, to provide an integrated plan to design an eco friendly 4-star multifunctional hotel.
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    Integrated Re-design of the Ayesh Office Building in Ramallah/Al-Bireh
    (2022) Badran, Afnan; Jalghoum, Nada; Rabaya, Wala
    Palestine needs economic development; it does not have many modern buildings achieving the standards and goals for which it was designed. The primary goal of office buildings is to provide a special work environment that allows employees to do their tasks more easily and productively. This project takes the Ayesh office building in al-Bireh Ramallah, which was taken from Amjad al-Shuaibi engineering office, located in Ramallah. In this project, five aspects have been considered: architectural, structural, environmental, electro mechanical, and Quantity surveying & Cost Estimate. On the architectural side, the building design has been first reviewed based on the literature in terms of the functional distribution and standards for office building design. The objective of this review is to propose any necessary modifications or additions. On the environmental side, daylight, solar radiation availability, thermal comfort, and material properties have been investigated by using special simulation software (i.e., Revit, Dialux-Evo, and design-builder). For the structural aspect, a conceptual structural design (Footings, Tie beam and columns …etc.) with model checks and seismic checks has been provided, and for the electro-mechanical aspect that designs artificial light, power, HVAC, acoustical, drainage, water supply, and firefighting depending on a redesign and suitable to structural design, in addition, the total cost for such project has been approached aspect in this project to have an accurate cost for all works and activities in this project to be built. Finally, the building has been designed in all engineering respects in accordance with engineering standards in a manner appropriate to the nature of the project
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    An Integrated Redesign For Tulkarm commercial complex
    (2022) Sami Ahmad, Anas; Allam Herzallah, Mohammad; Ali Qwareeq, Mohannad
    This project is an integrated design of Tulkarem shopping complex. It consists of 10 floors, with an area (2200-2800) square meters for each. It is located in the city of Tulkarem. It consists of shops, offices, parking lots and a gym. This project is an integrated design of Tulkarem shopping complex. It consists of 14 floors, with an area (2200-2800) square meters for each. It is located in the city of Tulkarem. It consists of shops, offices, parking lots and a gym. The project consists of two phases; the first phase is a literature review, in which a comparison was made between the global standard and the current design. It has been found that there is a defect in the parking design and the number of bathrooms on the ground and first floor, and there is no shaft in addition to the absence of emergency exits. The schemes were modified and the required elements were added according to the standard global. In addition to the above, the building was analyzed and studied environmentally to determine the extent of its impact on the neighboring buildings and the internal environment in the building. The second phase: the plans were prepared and accordingly the structural system was designed in addition to the design of mechanical installations of all kinds (HVAC, sewage, elevators and water) and as for the electrical installations, lighting and fallow units were distributed and electrical loads were calculated. The building was also studied from an environmental point of view in terms of sound insulation and thermal project for the project and then calculates the quantities and estimates the cost of the project. Finally, an integrated design for the building was obtained that achieves compatibility and interdependence between architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical designs.
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    Redesign of The Administrative Building of Hisham Hadid
    (2022) Al-Masri, Tahani; Abubaker, Adan; Eid, Alma; Ahmad, Haneen
    The graduation project have been an integrated re-design of the administrative building of Hisham Hadid in Ramallah. The redesign is to achieve comfort for employees while doing their job and a sense of satisfaction and to increase their productivity. This results in benefits to human health, the surrounding environment and the general economy. A specific strategy have been followed based on studying, analysing, and finding out the architectural and environmental aspects in the building. Suggesting possible solutions and redesigning the building, taking into account integration between different systems have been considered. The design process will contain various aspects including architectural redesign, structural, mechanical and electrical designs, with consideration the achievement of human comfort, thermal, acoustic, visual and ventilation comfort. The architectural redesign will facilitate movement inside the building whether for building employees or visitors (Taking into consideration the presence of people with special needs). The above process have been done starting with collecting information by conducting literature review. These categories will be followed by carrying out site analysis. Based on the above, the structural aspects will include the design of the reinforced concrete system for the skeleton of the building using Etabs. the environmental performance of the building using 3D model have been analyzed and evaluated. After that, the mechanical distribution including water, HVAC and sewerage systems, also the electrical distribution including power systems and control panel have been designed in an integrated way with the architectural, detailed structural designs and finishing materials details. At the end of our project, the outcomes have been introduced in a report. It includes design details, tables of quantities and shop drawings. The final results have been shown in a lineal presentation.
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    Assessment & Redesign for Establishment of Manage & Development Orphans Funds in Ramallah City
    (2022) Ziyad Rabay’a, Aya; Ammar Tbaileh, Osama; Bassam Saleh, Mohammad
    Integrated design in buildings is an essential part of any design stage in the modern building industry, for all the benefits and for the role it plays in avoiding either small or dire consequences in the future. "Establishing the Administration and Development of Orphans Funds" is the project that was chosen to work on. The main reason for choosing this project is because of its importance, especially in Palestine, because about 3% of children in Palestine between 0-17 years are orphans, the death of the father, the death of the mother, or the death of both. Another reason is because there is no such type of institution in the country. This project found a good challenge in making an integrated design of the building that includes all aspects of environmental, architectural and structural design combined in an excellent form to reach the best comfort for the people who will use the building and achieve the highest level of energy efficiency so that the building is environmentally friendly and considers it a green building. All these points will be achieved making sure that the initial cost of the building and the cost of operation will remain within reason and even try. To make it as low as possible the weaknesses and problems of the buildings will be collected from the people and employees that use similar type of buildings, and by checking and monitoring the building itself, all this analysis to find out the distinct solutions to all these problems. The construction and site assessment will be performed by analyzing, comparing, modifying and collecting data using the engineering software we have learned, such as Revit and Design Builder and using construction simulation software such as ETAB & SAP. This project was implemented on the ground in the city of Ramallah, but it has not yet been completed and is in its final stages at these moments.