10 way for digital marketing

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Hawah, Aya
Bshara, Haya
Hamarshe, Asal
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Project 10 Ways to Digital Marketing is a website that contains many digital marketing services that help organizations and individuals to market themselves and their products and services through the user's visit to this website On the first visit, the user will see the homepage of the site containing some digital marketing services which are concentrated in ads on Facebook and Google and improve the search engines and each service its own page so that the user knows the service and when the user wishes to request the service he must be registered in the site if not registered The site shows its registration page During the service request, the user will receive a form to obtain information about the organization and a form for obtaining information about the service The electronic payment process will be made directly to the service provider through the card . The user can cancel the order and the user can communicate with the site supervisor through a conversation. After completing the order, the supervisor can see the orders through a page of his .services are provided through some digital marketing tools such as facebook business manager google analytic and google ads
Digital marketing , campaign ,ads , facebook ads , google ads