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    Al-Qadi Motors Car Rental System Using Odoo Tool
    (2024-02-05) Ahed Yameen; Mais Aldeek; Manal Khelfeh
    Manual systems are one of the most important reasons for the lack of development of business processes and reaching a highly competitive stage and position in the market, as they are one of the most important obstacles facing Al-Qadi Car Rental Company and stand in the way of its development, which has caused the main problems that the company suffers from, the most important of which is the lack of data interconnection and Absence of reports, so it was necessary to employ an integrated system such as Odoo and its modules in order to making a real step toward solve issues . Examples of the main modules that were employed (inventory, fleet, leasing, maintenance, repair, reports), the workflow through those modules lead to new successful business processes.
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    Digital Horizons: Transforming Abu Zahra Electronic Company with an Innovative E-Marketing & E-Commerce System & UI Design For mobile App
    (2024-02-05) Maram Hamed; Youns Abu Zahra; Abdallah Al-Sharif
    Executive Summary: Abu Zahra Electronics Company was established in 1984 in Nablus, Palestine, and began selling and maintaining electronic spare parts and selling wholesale and retail. The graduation project, “Digital Horizons: Transforming Abu Zahra Electronic Company with an Innovative E-Marketing & E-Commerce System & UI Design For mobile App,” is dedicated to revolutionizing Abu Zahra Electronics through a comprehensive e-marketing strategy coupled with an innovative e-commerce framework. The primary objective is to catapult Abu Zahra Electronics to the forefront of the digital landscape by focusing on augmenting online visibility, optimizing user experience, and expanding market reach. Through this initiative, the project aims to position Abu Zahra as a leader in the digital domain, leveraging seamless integration of technology and commerce to redefine its market presence and embrace a future where innovation and e-commerce are paramount for sustained success. This effort endeavors to seamlessly integrate technology and commerce to redefine Abu Zahra's market presence. Through the enhancement of online visibility, optimization of user experience, and expansion of market reach, the project seeks to position Abu Zahra at the forefront of the digital landscape. By embracing innovation and e-commerce as indispensable components for success, this initiative aspires to reshape Abu Zahra's trajectory and pave the way for sustained growth in an increasingly digital-centric business environment.
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    E-commerce and E-marketing for Mamlaket Alotor
    (2024-02-05) Shima Zaid; Mohammed Tabib
    Abstract Mamlaket al otor store was established in November 2017 to sell men's, women's and children's perfumes, in addition to makeup, skin care products, body care, and hair care with high quality and competitive prices. The idea of the project is to create an online store (website) for the store on Word Press to display products and sell them online to facilitate the selling process for customers, in addition to implementing e-marketing strategies on their Facebook and Instagram pages. The aim of the project is to facilitate the process of buying and selling within the store, and to facilitate the knowledge of orders and their delivery to the customer, and also to facilitate the access of products to the largest number and increase profits and the number of visitors to the store, in addition to increasing interaction and access on social media pages through e-marketing strategies.
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    Dropshipping (e-commerce and marketing)
    (2023-06) Esraa Hamad; Nehal Azem
    abstract Imagine running a successful business without the hassle of managing inventory, warehousing, or shipping. This is the power of dropshipping! It is a business model that allows you to sell products all over the world without actually having to do business with them. Here's how it works: You, as the seller, partner with a trusted supplier that takes care of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping products directly to your customers. Your task is only to add these products to your website at a price higher than the supplier's price as a profit margin, and start marketing these products. In our project, we embarked on a journey to uncover the practical application of dropshipping. Our first step was to research the top buying trends in different countries. By targeting these markets, we have identified the required products. To showcase our offerings, we have designed a website that specializes in quality skin care and makeup products. To bring our vision to life, we used the easy-to-use Shopify platform, which enabled us to create a visually appealing website. We have also integrated several applications that not only attract customers but also motivate them to buy. With our website ready and the required products selected, we set out to find reliable suppliers. That's when we stumbled upon CG Dropshipping, an invaluable resource for dropshipping entrepreneurs. This amazing platform offers a wide range of products from countless categories, and cooperates with hundreds of factories and suppliers. Moreover, it allows brand customization, which gives our business a unique advantage. When it comes to marketing, we leave no stone unturned. We used powerful tools to determine which marketing platforms and methods are most effective in our target country. Search engines have played a pivotal role, so we made use of multiple tools to discover valuable keywords and SEO for our website. By combining rigorous research, cutting-edge technology, and strategic marketing methods, we've successfully turned our dropshipping venture into a thriving online business.
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    (2023-06) ASEEL BASSEM; Sara shakhshir; Manar kanaan
    Abstract This project aims to design and implement a website for the Health Clinic in the city of Nablus using the Odoo program. The website will provide a range of services to both citizens and employees of the clinic. For citizens, it allows them to book electronic appointments with doctors, inquire about medication availability, and receive appointment notifications. Employees, such as doctors and pharmacists, will benefit from features like attendance and leave management, viewing patient reservations, and entering electronic medical prescriptions. The project addresses several problems faced by the Ministry of Health, including the overwhelming number of patients, the need to visit doctors for medication dispensation regardless of diagnosis, and the lack of citizen reservations with doctors. By implementing this website, the project aims to reduce the crisis within the ministry, save time for patients, and provide efficient services. The system analysis focuses on program objectives such as data entry, modification, and reporting, as well as moral goals like speed, accuracy, data confidentiality, and ease of access. The project's summary highlights the goals of reducing the crisis, saving time, empowering users, and providing customer services through the website. It also emphasizes the importance of accurate prescriptions, smooth reporting, and the added value of organizing citizens, avoiding errors, and facilitating medication availability inquiries. The project concludes with recommendations for the health clinic, including the adoption of information systems, implementing drug reservations and inquiries systems, keeping up with Odoo updates, and expanding health services and disease management. Overall, this project seeks to enhance the efficiency, accessibility, and quality of healthcare services provided by the Health Clinic in Nablus.