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    Sona La Boutique
    (2022) Mashaqi, Rania; Nayfaa, Malaak; Azmi, Maram; Obaid, Diala
    Sona Boutique is a clothing store for girls and young women, opened in October 2020, located in the city of Nablus, Al-Basateen Street, Al-Basateen Building . It has more than one employee and they always strive to serve customers by providing the best merchandise, better quality than others, and always distinguished prices . We suggested the idea of the project to the owners of this shop, and it won their admiration and they were encouraged to implement it. The idea was an online website or a smart phone application to make it easier for their customers. The aim of this project was to facilitate the work inside the store, facilitate the knowledge of orders and their delivery to customers, and facilitate the arrival of the commodity to the consumer’s hand easily and smoothly, facilitating the arrival of the commodity to the largest number of areas, and giving the impression of the store that it is in line with development, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the store
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    Sugar free
    (2022) Fattouh, Suhad; sayeh, Doaa; johare, Dana
    The idea of our project is a website for healthy nutrition due to the importance of healthy nutrition for humans, where nutrition is eating healthy food that provides the body with energy, and all the nutrients that the body needs in order to maintain its health. People’s needs for healthy nutrition differ in terms of the quality and quantities of food and the nature of diets, each according to its purpose of this nutrition and food regulation. Some of them want a system to lose weight, some of them want a system to lose fat, to gain weight, to build muscle and to build body Other goals that differ from one person to another, and are given to him according to the nutritional status of each participant, including his eating habits and physical measurements, and he may sometimes need a number of medical tests based on the condition of the disease to find out the appropriate nutritional health intervention. Hence the need for nutrition experts to help people achieve their various nutritional goals, as well as special assistance for diabetics to follow up on them and give them a diet for a good healthy life and alleviate the symptoms of the disease and treat it if possible, or adapt to it well. Therefore, we chose this idea and decided to create this site to bring together nutrition experts and special experts for diabetics, as this site facilitates the provision of services between experts and users We also provided through it the possibility of participating in a gym in the city of Nablus, and booking an appointment at a diabetes clinic also in Nablus The beneficiaries of this site: First, nutrition experts, which will enable them to follow up on subscribers through the site and save time and effort and reach more subscribers from different cities and places. Second: People who want to follow up on nutrition experts to organize their nutrition for various goals, such as: Weight loss, weight gain, tournament preparation, bodybuilding, diets for pregnant women... Whether they want to follow up remotely without having to go to the nutritionist’s website or follow-up face to face, as they will be able to follow up fully through the site and reliably. Services that the site will provide: Health education, general articles and healthy recipes The possibility of calculating the ideal weight and calories needed according to physical data Knowing the calories in foods (the ability to search for any type of food and know its calories) Request a follow-up from a nutritionist by filling out a special questionnaire and communicating with her through the website for full follow-up Registration in the gym in Nablus Request a follow-up from a diabetes expert by filling out a special questionnaire Book an appointment at the diabetes clinic in Nablus Special offers for customers who come to the gym and clinic through the site, such as free examinations for the first time for subscribers coming from the site and a discount on gym membership and others.
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    Riyad Abu Salah Auto Spare Parts Company e-Marketing
    (2022) Haj Ali, Alaa; Abu Salah, Tala; Dwikat, Anaal; Raya, Dwikat
    The graduation project discusses e-marketing at Riyadh Abu Salah Auto Spare Parts Company, the first branch is located in the industrial city of Jenin and the second branch is in the town of Arraba, it provides various interior parts for various types of cars.. It also provides a delivery service to nearby areas, the company targets males and females from the age of (18 - 65) and car maintenance garages are also targeted. Through our study of the current situation and analysis of its status through multiple tools and different methodologies, we found that it faces a significant weakness in its presence on social media. The company's status is presented on social media. We were able to improve the company's current situation on social media, expand its reach, and solve some of the previous problems the company was facing.
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    labor market for graduates of management information systems in Palestine
    (2022) Sharea, Sana'a; Nassar, Maysam
    The main purpose of this study is to study the labor market specializing in management information systems. We conducted this study in the second semester 2021/2022 at An-Najah National University. In order to collect our research data, we designed a questionnaire using google form.After that we shared this questionnaire with the targeted participants.then we analyzed the data that we gathered from the questionnaire.the result indicated The majority of students were satisfied with their entry and study of the specialty, and most of them applied for jobs in the field of specialization, and there is consensus that the study of the specialization helped them and benefited from their studies in the labor market, but most needed to take courses to be able to work because there is a distance between theoretical study and work and there is difficulty in finding Work as there is discrimination between males and females in the labor market and there are also a number of companies that do not have knowledge of the specialization and the nature of his work and that graduates of the specialization face problems in the subject of employment compared to graduates of other specialties because the specialization does not focus on a particular part during the study like other specialties and often a person needs from 6 to 12 months to find a job and salaries are not satisfactory for the largest proportion of graduates and companies require previous employment experienceThere is no job title for graduates of management information systems.
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    Customer Relationship Management System for Sokkar Banat Store
    (2022) Qaseem, Duaa; Daraghmeh, Roza; Nazzal, Tamara
    Many companies today tend to organize their relationships with customers to gain customer satisfaction, implement their requests as quickly as possible, and attract more customers. Therefore, it is important to use a customer management system (CRM) to define practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth. We created on-line store to facilitate the purchase process and choose the right products for the customer "explaining all the product details in the online store" In addition to that, we use marketing in order to attract new customers and make them regular customers. This is achieved by using the Facebook page for advertisements, and using segments to classify customers and target them according to advertising campaigns.