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Shadi Basha
Omar Shkokani
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The project presented an innovative platform aimed at empowering university students by providing them with essential problem-solving skills, a critical demand in today’s market. Moreover, it offered students the opportunity to engage in local tournaments alongside their peers. The project encompassed various aspects of our learning journey, with a primary focus on enabling seamless submission of work to the server by all users simultaneously. Additionally, we were committed to establishing an efficient point system and leaderboard, as well as implementing a mechanism for running test cases on submitted code. Furthermore, we prioritized security and user experience, incorporating authentication and authorization mechanisms to safeguard user data. Administrators and instructors benefited from a monitoring system that provided real-time insights into platform activities. Practically, our project materialized as a versatile web application, providing students with a user-friendly interface for learning, enrolling in courses, and participating in tournaments, accessible from any location. Instructors and coordinators had the ability to enhance the learning experience by adding course materials, tasks, and tournament opportunities, while efficiently monitoring user progress. Although this project was new to our department, similar implementations, such as LeetCode and Codeforces, had demonstrated success in enhancing coding skills and fostering a sense of achievement among users. Our project aimed to build upon these successes and tailor them to the unique needs of our university community. In summary, our platform aimed to revolutionize education at our university by equipping students with the problem-solving skills necessary for success in today’s job market. We were committed to making learning enjoyable and accessible, bridging classroom knowledge with real-life challenges, and promoting teamwork. We were excited to bring this project to fruition, benefiting both our students and our university.