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    Hunger Station
    (2021) Hamdan, Aseel
    These days, people are interested in technologies that make their lives easier and save their time, sometimes they are strapped for time and often struggle to find time to cook or sit down for a nice meal at a restaurant. This project comes to create mobile app that lets users order meals from Yummi- est restaurant quickly and easily at their leisure without phone calls with restau- rants,the app includes different types of restaurants, when the customer chooses one, its menu appears to him, he adds the type and number of the meal he wants to his order list,he can also add notes on the order, and when the order is confirmed a notification of the arrival of a new food order is sent to the restaurant’s account, and once the restaurant accepts it, a notification is sent to the customer that the order has been received and is being processed.
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    Educational Portal
    (2021) Daraghmeh, Isra; Assi, Mohammad
    The significance of this project is to provide an educational program for school students that aims to help students capitalize on their learning moments by giving them immediate access to knowledge when their curiosity and educational needs are at their peak. Most students have difficulty studying and following up on appropriate educational resources.To achieve this, we have designed an educational program called the Educational Portal that allows the student to study at any time, from anywhere and from any device and supports many basic features, the most important of which is blended learning Combining e-learning with training, such as language training where training is provided using videos, documentation, tests and shared files, teachers ,,can also create online exams and tests to reduce the workload of teachers, Class attendance can be obtained online easily You can determine if the student is present, late, absent, excused absent and Increase communication between students and teachers through our messaging system. What distinguishes our project is dealing with students with special needs to facilitate the educational process for them, so that features such as audio to read the question and other things are added. There will be 3 types of accounts, which are as follows, Student Account, Parents Account and Teachers Account. All data related to these accounts will be stored in the server and will be used later. The project is already there, but the goal of this project is not to create a new program, but to create an educational program with better features that the student can handle smoothly.
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    Movie Genre Classification Based on Arabic Synopsis
    (2021) Mansour, Ahmad; Barham, Mahdi
    Text classification is a popular subject in machine learning. It’s the process of assigning predefined labels to some text. However, most of the research is directed towards the English language. Other languages like Arabic feel neglected as the research on them is not as extensive. When it comes to movie genre classification, which is a subset of this field, it has been implemented in multiple ways for the English language. However, in Arabic, the research is almost non existent. Normally, movie genre classification would require a human to manually assign genres based on the synopsis, which can be time consuming and inaccurate due to bias and human error. It is very common for people to forget the name of a movie but remember the general synopsis. It is also very common for people to want a movie based on certain events. Thus, in this project, we are going to use genre classification as a recommendation tool. As we will recommend the top movies for the resulting genres. We are going to build a website, that takes in the Arabic synopsis for a movie as input and then use different machine learning algorithms to predict the genre of the movie. Then we will recommend movies based on the genres. The website will also have a login system and a profile to store each user’s prediction history.
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    (2021) Abujoub, Ahmad Ryead; Khaled, Mohammad
    In the recent period, problems and challenges have emerged, represented by the difficulty of receiving treatment among people all over the world. It is common for treatment to take place within the borders of medical institutions, and with the new lifestyle of closure and self-isolation caused by the epidemic, the number of people facing these challenges is only on the rise. We believe that one of the main reasons for this state of vulnerability and disability is the difficulty of moving and leaving the self-isolation zone, as well as the fear of the spreading epidemic. So, in an attempt to tackle and find a solution to these challenges, we have developed HCare. HCare connects patients and those who have difficulty moving in and out to receive treatment in the right way, HCare connects the user with specialist doctors and nurses and communicates with them to receive treatment at home. The patient sign in his account, then chooses the type of treatment he/she needs, general medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or home nursing, then looks at the doctors list to choose the suitable doctor and book the appropriate appointment for him in case the doctor is available at that time. As for the doctor, he has his own account, he can see the requests submitted to him, he accepts the suitable requests for him and rejects the ones he does not want, and he can view the appointments booked with him. As for the admin, he is responsible for adding and deleting doctors, as well as deleting users. Thus, we will have an integrated health application to get to know doctors in certain fields and choose the most suitable for them in terms of time, experience and place. This helps to organize the process of communication and reservation between doctors and patients to provide home treatment services
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    Monitoring Cool School
    (2021) Mardawi, Oula; Saqa, Ala’a Imad
    Cool School is a Hardware project that focuses on creating an automatic school that could be monitored by the headmaster to check different systems implemented by using Arduino and NodeMCU esp32 and NodeMCU esp8266 to make a high level of safety and simplicity in many aspects. Many systems are included in the systems starting from full-designed atten dance machine for students by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card and fingerprint with LCD, both of these chips connected with NodeMCU esp8266 microcontroller, all the data (Name, Attendance time) received from the user reg istered on the both system by card or fingerprint will be stored in Adafruit IO server in stream on specific dashboard. Many sensors are used to monitor the schools like: Flame sensor, Gas sensor, Water sensor, Temperature sensor with fan, leds and buzzer, all these sensors could be controlled by web page to turn them either on or off with reading their values and present them to achieve UI/UX term. Another way to control the school is by using google assistant so we can turn on or off leds, moving between modes either manual system to turn on/off the fan or automatic which will turn on/off fan based on the temperature values. Full-light model with simple materials has been built with card board taking care of every wire so the user can observe smart school without a lot of cables and connections, we used a cut-CNC board with suitable covering which rooms is settled on, scalable chairs were utilized of the remaining amount of card boards and distributed on the rooms, plastic children games were used to give a colorful since to the model with high-scalable tree were designed specifically for this type of design, master blue colored papers are wrapped around the building with dark blue papers for doors and windows. This report clarifies the method involved with making this school. Starting from the littlest equipment part of composing the code. And ending by making the model prepared and working appropriately.