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    Fire Fighting Drone
    (2023) Mazen Quzmar; Laith lshtaya; Jaad Hussien
    In a world where fire accidents are increasingly common and the brave first responders always risk their lives to save others’ lives. Unfortunately, history tells that these brave first responders do not survive most of the time. To save as many lives as possible, it is important to leave dangerous tasks to machines. One such device is a drone; it provides great maneuverability and doesn’t risk any personnel. Drones can also gather information at greater speed, reliability and are also able to drop items OR fling it. Thus, the solution mentioned below will help us solve this problem along with the functionalities mentioned below. The capstone project, “Fire Extinguisher & Fire Fighting Drone” is designed to assist the bureau of fire protection to correspond during fire outbreaks. Drones can be a solution for the fire fighters to take decisions about where to concentrate resources and how to approach and enter the scene. A drone mounted extinguisher balls, thermal camera, can be employed in an emergency situation where human intervention is not possible. The fire balls shoot into the flame, where it activates and spread a dry powder fire extinguisher agent. These fire extinguisher puts off A, B or C class fires. Thermal imaging camera can be used to sense the presence of fire and detects the presence of people who were trapped in the buildings in fire situations even in the presence of smoke. Thermal cameras can detect the presence of trapped capsulitis which be seen through naked eyes of fire fighters.
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    (2024) Alaa Hamayde; Haneen Banishamseh
    The landscape of technology has significantly transformed the operations of numerous companies. In the case of many grocery and herbs E-commerce businesses, technology stands out as a pivotal force and a primary marketing tool. The market for E-commerce apps in the grocery and food supplement industry has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years, resulting in an increased demand for mobile programming tailored to these businesses. Developing and programming an E-commerce app for groceries not only enhances its market presence but also serves as a powerful online brand promotion tool. This project empowers online grocery stores to sell their products on sophisticated platforms, providing customers with a comprehensive view of the diverse range of items available in their inventory. The implementation of dynamic chat. Additionally, the inclusion of a feedback mechanism allows customers to benefit from the experiences and opinions of fellow shoppers. The notifications feature keeps customers informed about updates and relevant news, while the recommendation feature guides them towards products they may desire or frequently request. For the app development, we plan to use React Native for the front end,. The backend will be powered by NodeJs, and Firebase will handle the notifications.
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    An Najah Rank
    (2024) Momen Odeh; Noor Aldeen Abu Shehadeh
    One of the most important skills for any programmer is problem-solving skills, and there are many websites that can be used to train these skills, such as HackerRank, Codeforces, LeetCode, etc. At An-Najah National University, professor always strive to improve students' problem- solving skills in many subjects such as computer programming, data structures, algorithms, and object-oriented programming by assigning problem-solving assignments and quizzes using problem-solving websites. However, they face several challenges in using these websites, such as difficulty tracking student submissions, an inability to directly identify code similarities among students' submissions, and the inability to manually mark incorrect answers. We built this project by creating a web application with React JS as the frontend and Flask Python as the backend. We used Docker to containerize the application, allowing easy deployment on the cloud or any local server. Additionally, we leveraged several services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), including S3 for storage, RDS for the MySQL database engine, and EC2 for deploying the web application
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    Cash Core
    (2023) Adnan Ennab; Mohammad Khamalan
    In the evolving world of finance, banks face challenges with outdated systems and high costs. 'Cash Core' offers a modern software solution to improve efficiency, security, and accessibility, enabling convenient banking from home and revolutionizing the user experience. Therefore, this project involves creating a mobile application that will be used by customers. Through this application, users can create their own bank accounts, which can be savings, current, or deposit accounts, with a password chosen by the customer and can be changed. This account can be used for specific banking transactions or making purchases through the bank, as well as checking the current balance and transaction history. Additionally, the application allows users to view and interact with advertisements posted by the bank's employees. The application also utilizes a recommendation system to display products that align with the current account balance. Furthermore, it allows users to schedule bank visits or engage in real-time conversations with the bank in emergency situations. For emergency communications, an artificial intelligence-based response system is used, expediting the processing of customer inquiries and immediate problem resolution without the need for a human employee to respond to customer queries. The application also provides a guide to the bank's information and regulations, as well as the locations of bank branches on a map to facilitate customer access to branches when needed. Moreover, the system will provide users with the necessary paper documentation for these transactions, which users can download as PDF files for printing and future reference. In addition, the project will include a dedicated electronic portal for bank employees who interact with customers. Each employee will have their own account within this electronic portal, created when they are hired and log in. This allows them to organize customer visit schedules, add customers, activate, or deactivate accounts, make modifications to them, and manage banking transactions, including printing transaction invoices. Furthermore, employees can use their portal accounts to post bank-related advertisements, such as monthly or annual prize draws, to reach users who can interact with these ads within the application and participate in the draws if they wish. The portal will also facilitate communication, where each employee can add a colleague from the bank and communicate with them through direct messages, or it can be in the form of group chats containing bank employees. Additionally, there will be a supervisor for the employees within the bank system with special permissions not available to regular employees. This individual will oversee the advertisements posted by specific employees and monitor their performance in completing their tasks. The “Cash Core” project will be developed using React and React Native for the user interface, along with Node.js, we will use SQLite and DB at the backend. This modern technology stack will enable us to create a user-centric banking solution that enhances efficiency and accessibility, providing features like transaction recommendations and powered emergency communication to revolutionize the banking experience. To enhance security, Cash Core sends alert messages to users upon logging into their accounts. Additionally, it provides confirmation messages when users perform specific actions, such as paying a bill. Moreover, it sends notifications to both the sender and the 4 | P a g e recipient when transferring funds between users within the system. This proactive approach contributes to increased security and user awareness within the platform.
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    (2024) Ahmad Atout
    The real estate rental landscape in Palestine is experiencing rapid evolution, there are a lot of property listings everywhere. However, to reach these listings is a big challenge, the communication channels between prospective renters and property hosts is not easy. In the past, the rental options were limited to hotels and resorts, the demand extends nowadays to single rooms within shared apartments. Regarding that issue, specially in Palestine, we have developed PalStay, a pioneering application designed to simplify the rental process. PalStay provides an intuitive and user-friendly experience, enabling users to effortlessly refine their property searches with a single click. Users can filter their searches based on various criteria, including location, maps, pricing, and even pet-friendliness. PalStay offers a dual functionality, allowing property owners to list a diverse range of accommodations, from individual rooms and apartments to houses, villas, and chalets, while allowing rentals to refine their searches to match their preferences, it also allows them to communicate with the hosts directly through our chatting system. It allows users to discuss details and address inquiries prior to finalizing their rental decisions. Moreover, PalStay recognizes the importance of personalization in the rental experience. Users can add listings to their favorites. Using this feature, Pal- Stay’s recommendation system employs advanced algorithms to analyze users’ favorites, providing suggestions based on their preferences. This personalized recommendation system significantly enhances the user’s ability to discover properties that align with their unique tastes and requirements. One of the features in PalStay is the rating system, which ensures user confidence and satisfaction. Previous rentals can share their experience and insights, which allows new rentals to read their feedback and review before deciding. It’s different than the current method, which is through Facebook groups.