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    تخطيط مدينة طبية
    (2023) اماني ياسين
    The importance of this study stems from the urgent need to study the reality of the governmental and private hospitals in the West Bank alike, each of which suffers from the absence of proper scientific planning, especially in the southern region of the West Bank. Future planning for it in the governorates of the country and the need for logistical medical cities in the West Bank, which is the fourth level of health services. This study aimed to provide health services to the southern region of the West Bank and to link the hospitals of these governorates with the medical city, and to analyze the reality of hospitals in the cities of the West Bank in terms of health and planning, and an analysis of public service areas and the share of hospitals of different types and services. The researcher studied Arab and foreign case studies regarding medical cities in terms of standards and analysis of the location and services provided by medical cities, and then studied the reality of the state of hospitals in the West Bank governorates and found the areas most in need of providing advanced health services, and then found the appropriate site for the establishment of the medical city according to the criteria Global medical cities, analyzing the appropriate location in terms of environment, geography and politics, and then designing the city in proportion to the location and shape of the land and meeting health services.
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    التخطيط المكاني للمدن الجديدة في الضفة الغربية 2050
    (2023) ايمان خديش
    Palestinian cities, despite their small size, suffer from a high population density and a rapid increase in the number of residents, which puts a lot of pressure on public utilities and basic infrastructure. Additionally, Palestinian cities are unable to expand their economies or even their borders because they have no control over the land, and large tracts of land have been confiscated. Lands for Israeli settlements, to prevent the Palestinians from creating a continuous urban and demographic fabric. The Palestinians felt forced to use all urban development models available in the spaces available within the cities to accommodate the growing population, including the growth of residential neighborhoods in all directions, the intensification of construction on vacant land, the construction of multi-story apartment buildings rather than single-family homes, and the construction on the majority of undeveloped land. The research's inspiration came from this, where we discovered that the West Bank urgently needs planning to accommodate the growing population as well as the displaced Palestinians who are anticipated to return after 2030, in accordance with UN resolutions declaring Israeli settlements to be illegal and in need of removal, and that Palestinian planning sovereignty will be based on the borders of 1967. The Palestine Document (2025–2050), which reflects the Palestinian people's attachment to their land and homeland, their right to live there in dignity and freedom, and their desire for its resources to be managed and developed effectively, is one of the State of Palestine's major projects. The new cities policy played a significant role in the National Spatial Plan's planning vision, as it must envision modern urban centers (existing or new) that are based on a sound planning model and balanced development policies in order to deal with the population increase that cannot be accommodated within the current cities. As a result, the research analysis was primarily based on two phases: the first (2023-2030), which is the planning phase under Israeli occupation, which posed a significant challenge to the expansion of Palestinian communities, and the second (2030-2050), which is the planning phase based on full sovereignty over the West Bank lands on the 1967 borders. To eventually figure out when we actually need new cities and plan them in a way that achieves balance. To achieve the West Bank spatial urban development plan in all previous levels of work, including the locations of the new cities, their areas, and other characteristics. And finally, we found that new cities are a national need for correcting urban imbalances in existing cities and redistributing population to attain balance.
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    تخطيط وتصميم ارض معارض / منطقة العوجا
    (2023) بشائر اقطش
    Commercial and commercial transactions represent the daily activities of people's lives. It is one of the fundamental foundations of building developed and civilized societies and an important factor in achieving the goal of development and urbanization in developing countries. All functional schemes and designs of population centres and .old and modern cities contain specific commercial areas and markets The concept of fairgrounds can be summarized as the geographical area in which various artistic, scientific and commercial activities take place. These areas are either for permanent or temporary exhibitions such as parks, playgrounds and public .squares The construction of the fairgrounds aims to provide an ideal environment and venue for important conferences, holding promotional exhibitions aimed at developing and supporting the innovation and delivery of local products in all global markets. Its objectives can be summarized as follows: organizing international and local conferences and hosting all production development activities to support different .industries Given Palestine's need for exhibitions and conferences, it organizes and hosts conferences and exhibitions inside and outside Palestine The exhibitions and conferences sector has become a significant share of the State's resources and economies. In particular, States with a high culture of productivity, it should be noted that this sector is no longer one of the formal welfare aspects, but is transformed into a strengthened development sector and keeping pace with aspirations and strategic plans of all kinds. Therefore, the urgent need to build an exhibitions and conferences sector is tailored to the requirements of the present and looks to keep pace with the economic renaissance. The future also contributes to revitalizing the overall travel and trade sector. The establishment of such exhibitions in the Bank also stimulates and promotes the spirit of competition between different local and foreign companies .as they seek to provide the best offers and services to their customers The land of exhibitions and conferences is one of the most important instruments for economic development. Countries are interested in their development. Associations, organizations and research centres have developed their own specialized interest in them. Organizations and companies have increased. Until it became an industry with its entity and an economic source. Given the importance of the exhibitions and conferences sector in the development of States' economy, States have given this economic sector and conferences in the market .special attention
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    التطور والتخطيط العمراني لمنطقة الريحان في رام الله
    (2023) ريان ابو عيشه
    Recently, the Al-Rayhan area in the city of Ramallah witnessed a remarkable urban development at all levels and in various fields, which pushed the wheel of development and investment forward, but this development was accompanied by negative results in terms of urban growth, so the growth became unorganized for the city of Ramallah. It does not correspond to the ground cover on the ground and other damages. All these reasons and causes called for the urgent need to look at the area with a planning eye, and work to find logical and contemporary solutions, so that we preserve the area’s natural and human resources, and fulfill the current and future needs and requirements of the local community, in addition to developing the area surrounding the suburb in all planning aspects and on all aspects. Levels and solving problems resulting from the rapid development taking place in the area surrounding the suburb. The research methodology was represented in a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the area in general, and then identifying the opportunities and potentials present in it, followed by identifying the risks and challenges it suffers from, and then coming up with criteria that must be followed in defining the boundaries of the planning and development area, then studying the planning and development area, and summarizing the most important environmental problems And the urban and services that suffer from it, and then work to find radical solutions to it, through a proposal to prepare a master plan for the planning and development area (the future expansion area). Through this research, we were able to reduce many problems and eliminate others, and it became possible to plan and develop the Al-Rayhan area and its surroundings in a way that fulfills the current and future requirements of the local community, and to look at the expansion area, which includes Al-Rayhan, in a holistic view that enhances the idea of joint and integrated planning with the surroundings and considers new proposals in The field of organization and construction, and by this we can say that we were able to prepare a planning and developmental plan for the future expansion area, based on scientific foundations that achieve the vision that we set in advance, in planning and developing the area, and achieving the current and future needs of the local community
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    تخطيط و تطوير ضواحي بيت لحم و تحديدا مناطق هندازة و بريضعة و جناتا
    (2023) نادين بدير
    The graduation project is mainly to develop the suburbs of Bethlehem, Hindaza, Barida’a and Janata, to be prepared to bear the population pressure and the expansion of the city of Bethlehem, where I studied the Bethlehem region at the local and regional levels from all levels to determine the capabilities, strengths and opportunities, and Also, identifying the weaknesses through which we will focus on addressing them in the expansion plan, after studying all the reasons and analyzing them. The output was a structural plan that fills the need for expansion and meets the required needs.