Solar Powered Autonomous Battery Electric Vehicle Model

In this project we made an autonomies hybrid BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) that has two microcontrollers one as a master and the other one as a slave device, the master device is considered the brain of the system that monitor the road, do image processing take final decisions and send commands to the slave which in turn drive the motors to move in the desired direction and speed. A camera fixed at the top of the car is used to send continues video stream to master device, which in turn process the stream and examine the status of track and direct the car to move smoothly along the track In order to programed the master device and monitor the whole operations done by it we used A VNC player installed at laptop and connected to the master wirelessly. The main power source for the BEV is Lithium batteries and a 1000 ma power bank which is a part of an integrated power system that work in harmonic with other systems in the BEV