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    (2022) Badran Osama; Najjar Khaled; Albahar Mustafa; Hewwari Abdullah
    The internet of things (IoT) is connecting the devices and tools to the internet network to be controlled by websites and smart phone applications remotely, also, to control tools and instruments by codes and algorithms structures for artificial intelligence issues. In our case we want to create advanced systems using Wi-Fi connection is connected to our tools, equipment, and devices controlling them by smart phone applications or internet websites. That’s the simplified definition of IoT. Farther than just using the IoT as a smart home to operate lamp, fan and the front door. Also, it can be used as an industrial-use system, for example, to operate fully automatic industrial machine. And more ideas can be done by using IoT technology. A huge industrial facilities or governmental institutions have much of lamps. Employees sometimes forget to turn them off in the end of the day. This research suggests a solution that can save energy by letting the security to control lighting of the building with his smart home by application. The lamps can be controlled by switches distributed in the building and application at the same time with a certain electrical installation. This research presents a simple prototype of smart home, or the easy way and low cost to control loads by Wi-Fi connection generally.
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    Smart Street Lighting
    (2021) Hakawati Omar; Nazzal Qusai; Hakawati Anas
    On our region (west Bank) of our whole country (Palestine) we can detect that the lights spend many hours specially after midnight without cars on the outof- towns roads or a few cars on Intermittent times so this is a big consumption of our energy that we can use it usefully on another needed area.  Our project for developing a smart street light system is reviewed. In this project, the street light system, in which lights ON when needed and lights OFF when not needed.  Smart Lighting is lighting that is connected to each other, or the Internet through networking devices. This enables more efficient lighting management using a Central Management System. The network connectivity inbuilt into smart lighting can also provide Internet access for other smart village uses (e.g. smart parking sensors).  Currently, in the whole world, huge electric energy is consumed by the street lamps, which are automatically turn on when it becomes dark and automatically turn off when it becomes bright. This is the huge waste of energy in the whole world and should be changed.
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    Design Smart Wheelchair For Disabled People
    (2021) Ali Ahmad; Thawabi Sameh; Yousef Momen
    Some people have limited mobility, which makes them use the wheelchair to help them move easily without a lot of help. The purpose of this project is to serve these people by developing a wheelchair while adding more features than a regular chair. The use of this improved wheelchair can contrat it using acapon his head This project is based on Arduino as the core processor. Wheelchair movement will be controlled using head movement. This project includes many advantages as follows . First, it includes GPS (Global Positioning System) to keep track of the chair as it moves. Secondly, it includes a GSM card to call in case something dangerous happens by sending the chair's location. A front and near ultrasonic sensor added to detect anything near the chair that will obstract it. The chair also include the feature of making a voice call when the hat falls off the person's head. Finally, an optical sensor (LDR) has been added to illuminate front and near headlamps when the lighting level is low.
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    Development of fuzzy logic controller for photovoltaic integrated shunt active power
    (2022) Honjol Raed; Mathar Raed; Shahrori Mahmoud
    The ever-increasing reliance of electronic devices that utilize AC power has increased the amount of harmonics that pollute the distribution systems. These harmonics will increase losses, cause male-function of protection and interfere with Telecommunications. Hence, there is a need for an inexpensive and reliable way to actively filter out harmonics from an AC power line. Power electronics provides compact, highly efficient solutions for power conversion. However, power electronics has caused many problems for systems, primarily harmonics. These harmonics increase losses, which cause distortions in voltage waveforms, which cause many problems. One of the things that can be used to filter out harmonic distortion is the active power filter active filter will be used to filter out harmonics as shown in Figure 1 (attached file showing the figure ) .
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    Studying and analyzing the electrical network for Tulkarem
    (2020) sawalmeh Moawya; Mohsen Ajwad
    Electricity and power grids are very important elements in our world, it's not just about having lights or cocking or to have interest in our free time, electricity is very substantial resource especially in providing public security, safety and health and making possible everything from emergency response to medical care in hospitals, so it's very important to have a perfect electrical network without any problems or faults. Our project is about studying the electrical network of Tulkarem city and analyzing the problems related with the parameters of power system such as "current, voltage, power factor …… etc. " After that we will analysis the single line network on ETAP program to discover the problems and faults in the network. The main purpose of this project is to create some practical solutions for the problems we have forced in the network. In the second project we will provide a solar system to compensate the lack of electricity and we will study the effect of the system on the network.