Self-driving Car

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Abdallah Adas
Mohammad Zaied
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The major goal of development the self-driving cars has been driven by the desire to improve road safety, reduce traffic congestion, and provide mobility to those who are unable to drive. Self-driving cars rely heavily on image processing to perceive and understand the driving environment. Image processing involves collecting data from cameras and other sensors installed on the car, and then analyzing that data to extract information about the surroundings. This information is then used by the car to make driving decisions. Pictures will be taken sequentially by a Raspberry Pi camera connected with Raspberry Pi 4, and then these images will be processed by the OpenCV library and machine learning and used Arduino UNO to control the motor driver(H-bridge). The car was able to recognize road lines, drive between these lines, and recognize some traffic signs such as stop signs, green and red traffic lights. Also, the car will be able to detect and overcome obstacles.