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    Smart parking system
    (2021) Hamdan, Aseel; Azar, Bayan
    These days, people are interested in technologies that make their lives easier and save their time,there has been a tremendous growth in the number of vehicles on road in past few years,but unfortunately the road networks and road widths have not grown in proportion to vehicle numbers. This has created in huge parking cri- sis .In traditional parking system the driver may waste his time inside the parking in search of an empty place, and the parking unfortunately, may be full, also this system need an employee in front of the parking gate to collect the wages from the drivers and help them find an empty place. This project comes to organize cars in the parking without human intervention,the driver can know if there is an empty slot or not through the screen in front of the parking ,the driver will be provided an entry RFID card he will need to maintain a minimum amount of balance in it for getting access through the parking,otherwise ,the system will deny the access to enter. When the balance stored in the card runs out, the driver can recharge it. This parking consists of an automatic gate, and two car parks, right parking and left parking, with two counter screens displaying the number of empty slots in each.
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    Smart Wheelchair
    (2021) Zedan, Doaa; Daraghmeh, Isra
    The importance of this project lies in providing a wheelchair for the blind or people with mobility disabilities, as most of the people of these groups face difficulties in movement , and this wheelchair facilitates their mobility and the practice of their lives in a more natural way. A person can move by means of a chair on flat surfaces by issuing voice commands to go forward, backward, right and left, The chair emits a warning sound if it gets close to a wall, solid object or edge , and It sends notifications to the phone in the event of any fall or injury to a person.
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    Blind Assistant Gadget
    (2021) Mansour, Ahmad; Barham, Mahdi
    Visually impaired people are an integral part of society, and are worth as much as anyone else. The only difference is that they are challenged in different ways. So it is our responsibility as a society to provide means that facilitate their life and make basic tasks not feel like hard chores. Thus, in this project we will attempt to build a device that a blind person can wear which has an ultrasonic sensor that detects nearby obstacles. It will also be paired up with an ESP32 wireless module for monitoring and logging. As well as an Mp3 device that will act as a “checkpoint” system, where it will play a sound clip upon reaching a certain destination.
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    Car Hand
    (2021) Abujoub, Ahmad; Saddouq, Mohammad
    Car hand is a palm of the hand through which a car is controlled remotely, where the process will be done by placing a sensor inside the palm of the hand and sending information to the controlled structure until it does its job. The idea of creating this project came to be developed in the future to solve the problem of narrow spaces for a car located between two cars by giving the third person angle to the controller and facilitating the process of parking or ejecting the vehicle easily. During the development process of our project, the palm of the hand will be used and a pressure or temperature sensor will be used to send the required movement process for the vehicle to be designed and linked based on this process, and Open Source Code to match the created design. The glove was chosen to be a cloth glove rather than leather for two main reasons, first for the ease of installation and fixing of parts on it, as it can be seen easily. Second, because it is more comfortable to wear. The car will be designed with a structure that facilitates its movement, including wheels and engines for movement. Through the process of searching for what is useful from our project, the idea of our project will provide facilities for the process of moving cars in the future, and provide the feature of easy parking for self-control of cars, in addition to many additions that we can develop.
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    Color Tracking Car
    (2021) Yamien, Shaima; Haj Ali, Amani
    We need the new technologies to make the life easier, trying and making inventions will save our time and effort. We chose our project (Color Tracking Car) to make a robot car that moving depends on different commands from a mobile application through a Bluetooth that controls the car. When the car receives the command (Go To Red Street ) from the mobile application, it will move on the red street when the color sensors read the values of the red , green and blue colors of the red street, if the red value is the smaller between the values, the car will move on the street until it reaches the end of the red street , then the car will turn in the opposite direction and go back in the same way, then the car will wait the next commands from the mobile application to continue moving on the street that has a different color , and the same thing for the blue and green streets. Also, the car avoids any obstacle it will founds on it's way on the street, when the ultrasonic sensor founds an object away from the car depends on a distance we determined.