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    Fire Fighting Drone
    (2024) Mazen Quzmar; Laith lshtaya; Jaad Hussien
    In a world where fire accidents are increasingly common and the brave first responders always risk their lives to save others’ lives. Unfortunately, history tells that these brave first responders do not survive most of the time. To save as many lives as possible, it is important to leave dangerous tasks to machines. One such device is a drone; it provides great maneuverability and doesn’t risk any personnel. Drones can also gather information at greater speed, reliability and are also able to drop items OR fling it. Thus, the solution mentioned below will help us solve this problem along with the functionalities mentioned below. The capstone project, “Fire Extinguisher & Fire Fighting Drone” is designed to assist the bureau of fire protection to correspond during fire outbreaks. Drones can be a solution for the fire fighters to take decisions about where to concentrate resources and how to approach and enter the scene. A drone mounted extinguisher balls, thermal camera, can be employed in an emergency situation where human intervention is not possible. The fire balls shoot into the flame, where it activates and spread a dry powder fire extinguisher agent. These fire extinguisher puts off A, B or C class fires. Thermal imaging camera can be used to sense the presence of fire and detects the presence of people who were trapped in the buildings in fire situations even in the presence of smoke. Thermal cameras can detect the presence of trapped capsulitis which be seen through naked eyes of fire fighters.
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    (2023) Alaa Hamayde; Hadi Nassar
    Most elderly people need to take their medications at precise times throughout the day, so if sons are gone all day it may be challenging for them to remember to give their parents' medication. Additionally, some elderly individuals may have Alzheimer's disease, making it much more challenging for sons to remember. Additionally, during an epidemic, the patient can find it challenging to speak with others directly for fear of infecting them, and he might get so exhausted that he forgets his prescription appointments. These factors led us to create our invention as a medicine reminder device. Workflow for the project: A blynk app that sets precise dates and times for administering medications according on the type of fixed medications required throughout the day. The machine that sets certain days for administering medications at specified times in accordance with the type of medication required throughout the day is the project's operating concept. medication is based on the patient's medication kinds(Acamol, Cetamol, exforge, asprin, Concor ,trofin), and the administrator also establishes the medication dosages. Each type of medication has a distinct area for disposal, so that When the time for the medication arrives, the dose is administered at the designated location, then a notification received on blynk app that alert thers is a medications dispensed, at the same time there is an buzzer alarm at each date. Additionally, this device has a water supply to take the medicine dose, it also has a sensor for the cup's existence(laser sensor), and there is also a sensor to alert the administrator When the amount of medicine or water in the tank is approaching.
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    Braill Printer
    (2023) Momen Odeh; Noor Aldeen Abu Shehadeh
    People with visual disabilities suffer from the problem of unavailability of books and references in Braille, which restricts their access to them. Therefore, there is a need for printing Braille. However, they face several challenges, including the high cost of printers and their scarcity in the market. A Braille printer provides a valuable means for visual disabilities people to access printed knowledge and materials by converting plain texts into Braille patterns. This significantly enhances the learning and personal development of individuals with visual impairments. We implemented a Braille Printer that connected with web server to get the text. It also contains a paper feeder which will scroll paper from the paper container to the printing area. the paper feeder consists of a DC motor to scroll the paper. printing mechanism contains a solenoid to knock on the paper that is pinned at the XY coordinate, controlled using 2 stepper motors. After finish printing the feeding mechanism scrolling the paper from printing area to out of printer.
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    Smart Aquarium
    (2023) Nora Al-Sadder; Mayar Abdulkareem
    Our project is an automated fish tank system controlled by Arduino to provide a convenient, and efficient way of keeping fish, while also promoting a healthy and comfortable environment for them by continuously monitoring and controlling various parameters like water quality, quantity, temperature, and light intensity which affects the health and well-being of the aquatic life in the tank. The system incorporates various sensors to measure those parameters and a microcontroller to process the data in order to make the necessary adjustments. An automatic feeder that dispenses food at set intervals and a water changing system that maintains the proper water quality are also provided in this system. The fish-keeper can easily monitor and track the system's operations and parameters through a user-friendly mobile application at any time. Our system parameters: 1. Water Quality: pH level, and total dissolved solids. 2. Water Quantity: a water level sensor will continuously measure the water level and it will give an alert to the owner if it falls below a desired level. 3. Water Temperature: use a water temperature sensor and Peltier to monitor the water temperature and adjust it as necessary to maintain a stable and comfortable environment for our fish. 4. Auto Feeder: an auto feeder will be provided in the system to dispense food at set intervals, ensuring that the fish are well-fed. 5. Lighting: control a LED light as a simulator of the day-night lighting for the fish tank. 6. Automatically changing the tank water: the system will automatically change part of the tank water when the water quality falls down or when 2 weeks pass without changing it
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    Oxygen Ventilation System
    (2023) Yousef Hanbali; Raoof Fares
    During COVID Pandemic in 2020, the health system in Palestine collapsed due to the high number of COVID Patients that needed oxygen ventilators and the health system couldn’t provide the demanded number of ventilators, which led to a high number of deaths. So we came up with an affordable solution to continue the intensive care in their houses using Oxyilator. Oxyilator delivers oxygen to the patients as a normal ventilator, also it monitors patient vitals such as SpO2 in the blood, ECG and other important vitals for any patient. The Breaths per minute can be adjusted manually or using some of the patient characteristics (10-30 BPM). Also, the air volume pushed in each breath and the breath length that is related to the inhalation-to-exhalation ratio. The blood oxygen sensor in the system and ECG measures help the ventilator to operate suitable to the patient’s case (regarding the 3 parameters above). The medical professional assigned can manage the system manually and can get all data related to the patient displayed on a special mobile application. The ventilator information is displayed on a touch screen attached to the system. This project was only a prototype during the pandemic, and it was developed as an emergency solution, and it wasn’t a professional solution. The system developed was not customizable and can’t be used by everyone and also made without a medical reference. 7