Smart Aquarium

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Nora Al-Sadder
Mayar Abdulkareem
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Our project is an automated fish tank system controlled by Arduino to provide a convenient, and efficient way of keeping fish, while also promoting a healthy and comfortable environment for them by continuously monitoring and controlling various parameters like water quality, quantity, temperature, and light intensity which affects the health and well-being of the aquatic life in the tank. The system incorporates various sensors to measure those parameters and a microcontroller to process the data in order to make the necessary adjustments. An automatic feeder that dispenses food at set intervals and a water changing system that maintains the proper water quality are also provided in this system. The fish-keeper can easily monitor and track the system's operations and parameters through a user-friendly mobile application at any time. Our system parameters: 1. Water Quality: pH level, and total dissolved solids. 2. Water Quantity: a water level sensor will continuously measure the water level and it will give an alert to the owner if it falls below a desired level. 3. Water Temperature: use a water temperature sensor and Peltier to monitor the water temperature and adjust it as necessary to maintain a stable and comfortable environment for our fish. 4. Auto Feeder: an auto feeder will be provided in the system to dispense food at set intervals, ensuring that the fish are well-fed. 5. Lighting: control a LED light as a simulator of the day-night lighting for the fish tank. 6. Automatically changing the tank water: the system will automatically change part of the tank water when the water quality falls down or when 2 weeks pass without changing it