Structural Analysis and design of Ammar Tower on Ramallah- Palestine

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كرسوع عثمان
اسيد ابو شنب
محمد نجار
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This project presents a commercial center being constructed in Ramallah, it consists of 19 floors, but in this project, the number of floors is 25 floors including three floors to be used as garages and they would be explained through this project. The project aims to present the analysis of this commercial center. Starting with analyzing the structure under the effect of the gravity and earthquake loads to determine the most suitable structural system to be used. The project is analyzed with some challenges, for example the live load on the last floor is very high to consider the weight of the water tanks, in addition to its height, with 100.6 meters height, there will be a special consideration during the analysis process. The analysis of this building will be according to ASCE 7-16 and the ACI-318-19 to calculate the preliminary dimensions. The layout of column and walls and will be provided based on architectural requirements. The project outline will be as follows: first, introduction about the project including details about the architectural design, materials properties and the loads that the building is subjected to. Second, preliminary dimensions according to ACI 318-19 and the gravity loads values obtained from ASCE 7-16 code. Third the analysis of the earth quakes loads using the equivalent static method and the response spectrum and the design of the structural elements of the building The methodology of making checks at results comparing Etabs and manual results. This project is important because it deals with a real, large and existing facility, which is expected to receive a lot of people every day.