SVC Based Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS)

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JadAllah, Hiba
Hamdan, Thanaa
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The project is designed to enhance the power factor of transmission line with the help of SVC i.e. static variable compensator. SVC uses TSC (Thyristor Switched Capacitors) based on shunt compensation that is controlled from a programmed microcontroller. Initially, power factor compensation was achieved using rotating machines like switched capacitor banks or a condenser that usually gets damaged quickly, hence the project uses TSC for compensation. The mechanism of shunt capacitive compensation is applied to improve the power factor. By connecting an inductive load across transmission line lags the power factor due to lagging load current. Hence to compensate this shunt capacitor is used which draws leading source voltage current thus improves power factor. The project includes building two zero crossing circuits for the current and the voltage. The outputs of the zero crossing circuits are used by the microcontroller to measure the power factor. The controller that is built in the microcontroller will change the firing angle of the thyristors till the measured power factor becomes equal the reference power factor.SCRs are arranged in series and interfaced with microcontroller that actuates optical isolators in bringing shunt capacitors into load circuit