Medical Training Matching Program

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Donbok, Mohammad
Abu Al Asab, Mohammad
Sufian, Ahmad
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MTMP is a project that will solve a problem that face the employees who are responsible on the operation of distributing the trainee students of medicine faculty at An Najah National University on hospitals . the traditional way in distributing the trainee done manually which costs time and effort and sometimes it face problems and errors, so the benefits of the MTMP system is to make the whole operation computerized that will give a fast results using matching algorithms , this algorithm received data that include information about students as an imported file from server like (zajel) then the employee by just press a button the system will distribute students on groups automatically depending on specific conditions that mentioned in system requirements then the system distribute this groups on another table that will show the hospital and the group will train in , the doctor who will supervise the groups , the program that every group will start with like (Internal Medicine ,surgery ,Obs & Gyn and Psychiatry ) programs also the table will change dynamically every specific period of time . The employee will have the abilities in control the operation , edit the table, add students , move student from group to other ,change the supervisor and a lot of ability the employee can control.