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    Visual Programming App
    (2023-06) Ammar Adel Assi
    Visual Programming App Abstract: The journey into the world of programming has long been marred by a significant challenge— grappling with the intricacies of raw programming languages. The formidable task of memorizing syntax, wrestling with keywords, and scaling the steep learning curve has often deterred aspiring coders from unleashing their creativity. In response to this common predicament, the "Visual Programming App" emerges as a pioneering solution. It confronts the barriers faced by budding programmers head-on, offering a refined and user-friendly alternative to the conventional approach. With the app, learning programming and creating new things has never been more accessible. The app eliminates the need for overthinking code syntax, allowing users to concentrate solely on logic and problem-solving. It also provides Real-time debugging and an extensive library of programming blocks liberate users to explore their creative potential, transcending the confines of conventional programming. he "Visual Programming App" not only simplifies the coding experience but redefines it. By removing the complexities associated with syntax, it opens doors to programming for individuals at all skill levels. Moreover, it encourages innovation and accelerates problem-solving, making it an indispensable tool for both newcomers and seasoned developers. The foundation of the "Visual Programming App" rests on the robust Django and SQLite3 backend, complemented by the dynamic capabilities of Ajax, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery on the frontend. This harmonious technological blend empowers users to craft code logic effortlessly, where writing syntax becomes secondary, and the focus is squarely on the logic.
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    AllN1 -Shop Website
    (2023-06-07) Yamen Mohsen; Eman Amleh; Mostafa Mousa
    Abstract With the development of life, time has passed quickly, as some people no longer have time to go to the shopping mall to buy something, so people are looking for all ways to save time and effort to facilitate life in general and carry out tasks easily, and with the development of the field of programming, it has become easy for people to employ Programming in shopping and even doing many tasks through applications and websites. Through this, we will focus on the field of electronic shopping by designing a special site for shopping, and this site provides so many types of goods, and we have designed an interface for the site, which is called (AllN1-Shop), making it easier for the user to shop for what they looking for ,from anywhere at work or at home. The site includes goods and any user can order through it with ease because it has a simple and easy to use interface.
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    Enhancing Deaf and Dumb collaboration by Video Annotation
    (2023-06-07) Zaina Taha; Roaa Arabasi
    Enhancing Deaf and Dumb Collaboration by Video Annotations Online annotations, which enable information to be added to existing data without altering it, have emerged as a crucial technique for engaging with web pages and user queries. Annotations become a tool for targeted collaboration between users (Annotators) with similar interests when the visibility of annotations is restricted to groups of users. Many strategies have been developed to improve online user conversations and collaboration. Websites are suitable media for that since they enable users to engage in online discussions by adding comments (also known as annotations) to page elements like texts, photos, and videos. There are numerous annotations, including written, spoken, visual, and graphic. Although textual annotations are well-known, users are increasingly adding their own video comments to the HTML web document components to have conversations and exchange ideas. This enables deaf and dumb people to have the chance to participate in online discussions. At the end of the work, we conducted a comprehensive experimental test in order to compute the collaboration percentages between users in which promising results were achieved.
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    (2023-06-07) Ahmad Ibrahim
    In this time in which we live, technology has become a part of everything around us, and for this it was necessary to search for an idea to link technology to the subject of medical laboratories. I present to you this project for medical laboratories, which is a smart phone application that patients can use and benefit from in several goals, such as access to the nearest medical laboratory from your location, and also enables you to book an appointment to go to the laboratory in order to save time, and you can also get your examination result without the need to return to the laboratory Once again, and also to know the prices of medical examinations. Also, this application helps the laboratory staff to know who made the reservation for them, and enables them to send the results to them and access the patient record. Flutter programming language was used to build this project, and because it is considered as a cross platform framework we used it for both the mobile application and the website. NodeJS was used to build the server, and MongoDB was used for database utilization.
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    Enterprise Resource Planning for Gatouh Lebanon Using Odoo
    (2022) Rana Moghrabi; Rafah Faqeeh; Alaa Odeh; Duha Zatar
    Enterprise Resource Planning for Gatouh Lebanon Using Odoo. This project is made within partnership with Gatouh Lebanon company which is one of the largest sweets companies in Nablus, by developing an Enterprise resource planning system (ERP) using odoo application platform. It is a type of software that is used to manage day-to-day business activities in the fields of accounting, sales, points of sale, website, inventory, HR and so on, integrating all these applications together to enable the data flow between them to eliminate data duplication and provide data integrity with a single source of truth. Linking all the points of sale of the company together, providing uniformity of prices and controlling of all transactions with multi level of security for all company transactions. Developing a website with simple design that supports easy and fast navigation and levels of customizability and variants of products Which provides the buyer with a comfortable buying environment that meets his needs and tastes.This project aims to increase the company productivity, efficiency, security, quality and the performance of Gatouh Lebanon