Integrative planning for communities of green line separated by the wall (Integrated planning for Baqa Al-Gharbiyye city, Baqa al Sharqiyeh town, and Nazlet Issa village)

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Othman, Reham
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This project revolves around the study of the Palestinian border communities on the east and west of the armistice line of 1948 - the Green Line, which was one unit and then separated and the relations between them were severed and limited to border relations only. The city of Baqa Gharbiyye, Sharqiyeh village and the village of Nazlet Issa and Nazlet Abu Al Nar were taken as a case study, where the relationship between these communities was studied before the 1948 armistice, and after the separation wall was established between them, to illustrate the negative impact of the separation wall on these areas. Hypothetically, by combining these clusters and the separation barrier scenario, and planning these clusters to achieve sustainability and urban development until 2035. Achieving urban development over 16 years through integrating urban integration in various sectors, and achieving local and local sectoral goals from the existing strategic plans for these clusters.