Motorists usually face many problems while driving such as engine overheating, dead or discharged battery and low engine oil level. Therefore, they may need to seek urgent and guaranteed help in minimum time and from closest car technician, mechanical or electrical garage, also drivers may need to find the closest fuel station.Our project aims to develop an user-friendly website and application that supports urgent and routine services for cars on the road with minimal time and effort. By making it possible to use the map to locate the nearest auto technicians, gas or diesel stations, hospitals and hotels. It also allows the user to choose the shortest and least traffic jam. The user can get a quick glimpse of the directions of the road. In addition, this application allows garages to use their accounts to add or mange their services, view services’ requests that have been sent from drivers. drivers can send their feedback to the garages. Our project will be distinguished from other car and on road applications and websites by it’s combination of car services, on road needs and garages interactions. Users need this project in their urgent conditions and when they just want to check map! garages can track their services. The system can also diagnose the problems faced by the driver, and accordingly direct him to the nearest garage that support its car type and provide service needed to fix the problem if possible and make sure drivers are getting the best experience possible.