Time and Cost Estimation for Ali Nayfeh School

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Mohammed Basem Mahamdeh
Adnan Karem Amira
Husam Jehad Yousef
Murad Azzam Odeh
Moaz Raed Nuirat
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The construction sector is one of the most important sectors in the Palestinian economy, because of its economic role in generating income, employment, providing buildings for housing and economic activities, and in view of the significant contribution of the construction sector to the Palestinian GDP and the increase in the complexity of construction projects, the management of these projects has become important. The importance of this project is of the importance of management in general, and especially of management in construction projects. Which is often overlooked as neglecting it leads to the occurrence of many problems, including exceeding the specified time and cost in addition to an incomprehensible overlap in the project activities. In this project, the Ali Nayfeh School building in Tulkarm will be studied, and this school consists of four floors, with a total area of 3571 square meters. The construction documents of this school will be studied and the project's time and cost, will be calculated, and in the end we will compare the time and the estimated cost and the actual time and cost. This study aims to clarify the importance of applying management principles and new engineering programs for contractors and engineering offices in the Palestinian construction sector, and this will be clarified through the use of the PRAMIVERA program to make scheduling and time management for the project, and the REVIT program to calculate quantities for all school items, in addition to providing a three-dimensional presentation through the lumen program The proposed methodology for this project would be: 1) Studying the construction documents for the project 2) Estimating the project schedule using Primavera 3) Conducting a regular quantitative survey of the project using Revit 4) Estimating the detailed cost of the project 5) Providing the triple view of the project This study is expected to provide timetables, required total cost, and provide a proposal to solve any problems about the time and cost that may occur in any construction project