Braill Printer

People with visual disabilities suffer from the problem of unavailability of books and references in Braille, which restricts their access to them. Therefore, there is a need for printing Braille. However, they face several challenges, including the high cost of printers and their scarcity in the market. A Braille printer provides a valuable means for visual disabilities people to access printed knowledge and materials by converting plain texts into Braille patterns. This significantly enhances the learning and personal development of individuals with visual impairments. We implemented a Braille Printer that connected with web server to get the text. It also contains a paper feeder which will scroll paper from the paper container to the printing area. the paper feeder consists of a DC motor to scroll the paper. printing mechanism contains a solenoid to knock on the paper that is pinned at the XY coordinate, controlled using 2 stepper motors. After finish printing the feeding mechanism scrolling the paper from printing area to out of printer.