HR management system

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Aida Bustami
Aseel Bustami
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We want to design a system for Human Resources which will simplify their job and make it much easier by creating mobile app and website that implements the following functions: *Efficient time tracking: The HR can track each employee total work hours, the time clocked in and clocked out. *Track the location: The HR can know the location of each employee while clocked in. *Know who is out the office easily: The HR can see all the employees that are in vacation, sick leave, parental leave, work from home on the calendar view *Reply to the pending requests (time off/out of office/work from home) from employees: The HR can accept or deny the request based on the company's policy like the max. number of time off days allowed. *Scheduling events on the calendar and notify the employees by sending invitation to join event *Show the upcoming events and holidays. *live chat and Notifications: The HR can send message to any employee directly *Have access to all the employees: each employee has a profile contains work information, personal information, contract and documents like health insurance. *Have a profile for each team in the company which has the team leader, manager and the employees. *Recruitment: posting new jobs and notify the responsible manager of the job. Tracking the status of the posted jobs and the status of applicants for each job. *Company's policy: The HR can modify the system like editing the allowed number of time off days, The bills types, the Holiday days and the branches of the company. *Expenses: The HR can track the expenses for each month, see the new hired employees, track the employees who have increase in salary and use charts to show statistics