Smart Shopping Cart

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Aya Qartallo
Rand Ismail
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Nowadays, the world is facing an evolution in technology to make their lives easier and save time. Since shopping is an essential and almost daily thing in people’s lives, the project aims to facilitate the shopping and reduce congestion and the time that the user spends at the cashier. The idea of the project is a smart shopping cart that follows the customer and if you move away from him, it alert him by launching a sound using the buzzer and reads the ID of the cart, the price of the product through the barcode reader, and the weight of the product through the balance (HX711), then sends it via Wi-Fi to the cashier (server) after confirming the purchase process, which is done through the keyboard in the cart. On the cashier side, he will compare the weight coming from the cart via Wi-Fi and the actual weight of the products to avoid the occurrence of theft cases. In addition, he can delete certain products that appear on the screen LCD through the ID of the cart. The employee at the cashier takes the purchase invoice from the customer. Upon completion of the purchase and payment process, the employee deletes the list of purchases from the cart. The idea has been done before but with different features, and this year, Amazon has made a smart shopping cart similar to the idea of our project, in addition to other features