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Amna Khdair
Aya Ghazal
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Many towns and cities in Palestine suffer from obvious problems in the road sector, so we chose the community town as an example for the rest of the towns and cities in the road sector. The idea of our project is to solve a major and fundamental problem in Al-Jumayn municipality revolving around the lack and lack of data available for this purpose. The idea of our project came to provide an application on the smartphone that citizens use to upload their various complaints about the condition of the roads, such as bumps, pavement problems, or even abuses, in addition to the feature of recording through the sensor on the phone that is activated by the citizen to record the state of the roads he takes, where the display is displayed. This data is provided through a website for the relevant municipality employees so that all complaints are displayed and all data is collected. Citizens are analyzed so that the municipality has a clear view of the problematic roads and streets, where there are many bumps or potholes, and the roads that citizens take. By collecting data on priority roads that can be repaired, as well as the most important factor in strengthening citizens' relations with the municipality, because our project is based on human-centered design. Mobile app built with Flutter framework written in Dart, website built with Reactjs framework, we are talking about front end interface, and for backend we used Nodejs and express, with shared Mongo database. In addition, our application relies heavily on maps, as we used Google Maps for the smartphone and the website, and among other things used that contributed to monitoring the places of bumps, potholes and vibrations are: the accelerometer sensor in smartphones, and we used it to know the streets most used by citizens. Second: The Geolocation feature to monitor the places of citizens to send notifications. Finally, one of the fundamental things in our project is the algorithms used in data analysis. Everything together shaped our project