Vertical/rotary car parking system

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Zagha, Majde
Bannan, Ammar
Tobbileh, Yasir
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The idea of this project came from traffic congestion in the cities especially in the cities centers. One of the most important reasons for this congestion is the lack of adequate spaces for car parking, so some people park their cars improperly, for example making double parking, which cause a traffic jam. One of the solutions is to allocate more spaces for car parking, but that was hard to done especially in very crowded cities. Vertical car parking was one of the efficient solutions, because you can park up to 16 cars in an area of two cars standing side to side. The dimensions of the current vertical parking is 6.5m long 5m wide so it can be install in car parking areas but that does not completely solve the problem. The areas allocated for car parking in big cities are limited and cannot handle the large number of cars needed to be parked even if current vertical car parking is being installed in. This entirely new design, which is 12m long and 2.5m wide, occupies an area of two cars standing in front of each other, and contain up to 16 cars. It could be installed beside the streets which is the targeted area to locate this system. Also it could be installed in very narrow areas like the area between building and the surrounding wall which is 3m width leaving 0.5m spare for people to move. This new design save a lot of areas for other purposes than car parking, also it can reduce in the efficient and effective way the traffic jam in the city.