Smart Home Automation System

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Suzan Banifadel Miss. Asma’a Afeefi Shua’a Abdoh
Shua’a Abdoh
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Internet of Things (IoT) is growing every day since it has allowed the interconnection of different devices existent in smart environments e.g., home environment, and because it has allowed improving or supporting different services such as physical security, energy consumption management, entertainment among others. A great application on (IoT) is Smart Home Automation System (SHAS), this system that spread out fast through world and solved the domestic needs of families in different ways with its different features. In our second graduation project we created a model for this system with the following features: • we have sensors and an application that runs electrical devices in the house like fan, lamps and so on, also we provide security for the house by putting a protection system on the main door that depend on entering password thus if any one enters a wrong password or try to enter the house by not using the main door an alarm will start. The application can control house devices from anywhere, even using different network. • A smart fire detection system that will detect if any fire occurred then it will start emergency alarm. Also connected to mobile app. • An irrigation system for house garden, this system will work according to humidity of ground also we can control it using mobile phone • Garage system can be controlled from mobile phone.