Optimal Media Selection Tool

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Qaimari, Aseel
Antari, Mohammad
Khammash, Sally
Sinnokrot, Shireen
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In the world of excessive competition, attracting and satisfying consumers who are the central point in every business is becoming more difficult than producing the good itself. Hence advertising has witnessed a rapid growth in the last periods for its crucial role in marketing and has eventually become an indispensable of reaching the consumers. Since It is said that many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising, and It takes a good advertising plan to attract the attention of consumers and get them. This project states an integral part of optimum advertising decision making and presents a media planning model that determines the optimal media mix with an objective of maximizing the overall reach and frequency dedicated to consumers through the potential market being categorized into a number of segments based upon a linear integer mathematical. A case study is presented to illustrate the application of the model in which the market considered is geographically segmented on the basis of cultural and lingual diversity. A lingo programmed system technique is discussed to solve the problem. The resulted optimization model is developed and validated to be applicable through a real-life case in such market.