Assessment & Redesign for Establishment of Manage & Development Orphans Funds in Ramallah City

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Ziyad Rabay’a, Aya
Ammar Tbaileh, Osama
Bassam Saleh, Mohammad
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Integrated design in buildings is an essential part of any design stage in the modern building industry, for all the benefits and for the role it plays in avoiding either small or dire consequences in the future. "Establishing the Administration and Development of Orphans Funds" is the project that was chosen to work on. The main reason for choosing this project is because of its importance, especially in Palestine, because about 3% of children in Palestine between 0-17 years are orphans, the death of the father, the death of the mother, or the death of both. Another reason is because there is no such type of institution in the country. This project found a good challenge in making an integrated design of the building that includes all aspects of environmental, architectural and structural design combined in an excellent form to reach the best comfort for the people who will use the building and achieve the highest level of energy efficiency so that the building is environmentally friendly and considers it a green building. All these points will be achieved making sure that the initial cost of the building and the cost of operation will remain within reason and even try. To make it as low as possible the weaknesses and problems of the buildings will be collected from the people and employees that use similar type of buildings, and by checking and monitoring the building itself, all this analysis to find out the distinct solutions to all these problems. The construction and site assessment will be performed by analyzing, comparing, modifying and collecting data using the engineering software we have learned, such as Revit and Design Builder and using construction simulation software such as ETAB & SAP. This project was implemented on the ground in the city of Ramallah, but it has not yet been completed and is in its final stages at these moments.