The effect of using pyrolyzed carbon black(PCB) derived from waste tires as a partial substitute for cement in concrete mixes

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The production of cement and concrete mixes produce many harmful bi-products to the environment, therefore, researchers are looking to handle and eliminate such materials and direct their ways to green concrete. This research aims to investigate ability of using Pyrolyzed Carbon Black derived from waste tires as partial replacement of cement in concrete mixes. This step will facilitate another forward improvements of green concrete and elimination of harmful wastes. In this research, different mixes with different percentage of cement partial replacement will be mixed and tested for mechanical properties of fresh and hardened concrete. Experiments include slump test of fresh concrete, compressive and tensile test. Results will be evaluated in term of direct effect of this wastage material, and ability of using the final mixes for both; structural and nonstructural concrete element. Varied mixtures of different weight percentage ratios of PCB to cement (PCB/c); 0% (control sample), 2.5%, 5%, 7.5%, 10%, and 15% are taken into consideration when examining various concrete qualities. Commonly, predetermined ratios of PCB/c are combined with predetermined volumes of cement, water, sand, aggregate, and superplasticizer after being prepared in accordance with international preparation standards. After that, a variety of mechanical tests are run to look into improving the qualities. Slump, compressive strength, and tensile test are among them. Results show a noticeable decrease in the compressive strength for tested samples for 7 and 28 days; however; slump values also decreasing as the replacement rate increases however; slump values are still within standard limits for most of the mixes. In addition, tensile test results were good, but not as expected. The best results showed at 2.5% and 5% of pcb cement reblecment. At the end we can say that can be use the previous concrete mixes in construction purposes.