Design of footing for a cable stayed bridge

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Aya salibi
Dania Banimenneh
Rabee Musa
Samer Bahlaq
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Suspension bridges are structures built over waterways or between valleys to connect between two points that are difficult to reach; in our case the bridge will connect an artificial island with the Palestinian coast in the Mediterranean to case transportation between them. In this project, some important aspects should be covered such as the location of the bridge, depth of the footing, types of footings, types of bridges and the process of building the bridge. The main objectives of making the bridge are making an easy way for people to transport and give a completion outlook for the area. our work is limited to study the site and then make analysis design of the bridge's footings, the project will start with an introduction mainly about bridges, then mention the different types of bridges based on the objectives of the bridge, topography, budget and materials, and will discuss the obstacles of the process of making the bridge project.