The Implementation of ISO22000 on the packaging and printing process in the Hijjawi son’s company

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AL-Shami, Deema
Feras, Rahaf
Attereh, Rosol
Bsharat, Mohamed
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Establishing a production line in Al-Hijjawi Press that completes the food safety chain by presenting the printing stage and preparing food packages for ISO 22000 procedures, and studying the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. To achieve this, a gap analysis has been prepared and all that is missing in the organization has been identified according to the PRP list. Information was collected through several visits, and data was collected about the current state of the organization, and the situation it should be in, to reach the most suitable out, and the preparation of work procedures according to the ISO 22000 system and HACCP analysis to control risks during the manufacturing process. Preparing the appropriate Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points team that works to raise competitiveness locally and globally