Seismic Design For “Ladadweh” Residential Building

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Natsheh, Abdullah
Atwan, Muneeb
Atrash, Mutasim
Zaidan, Marwan
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This project is mainly a static analysis and design for residential building located in Ramallah city and consists of nine floors , the first and second floor is basement , third floor is ground floor and the last six floors is residential. The design will be accomplished according to ACI-318-11 code and using the structural analysis program "ETABS 2016" with hand calculations used for verifications and preliminary design. The project includes details design of all slabs in this building , the load is distributed in both direction and we used ribbed slab system, we will take a span for each slab then check it for shear and deflection and we will design it for flexure , the amount of steel needed will be discussed for each slab. Then we will take a beam and a column for all building and design them by tributary area method.