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Zamel, Aseel
Darawsheh, Roba
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Booking a date with a doctor takes a lot of time waiting in the doctor clinic until the date comes, and it becomes wasting time especially when the doctor cancel meeting. As a result, in this project we will build a system that will solve this problem and help doctors and patients to book and delete meeting without waste time or spend money to go to clinic and discover that the doctor is not there. This project have two main users doctors and patient .The features that the project will have is booking an appointment, delete and check meeting schedule for patient and doctor, that means this project will manage meeting and, there is a report system where doctors could enter for each patient after their visit a summarize to the visit and there notes about their health. the main goal for this project is to help patients and doctors to check meeting, By using our website the patient doesn't have to waste his time in clinic and waiting a long time to take his turn, He can simply reserve the best time for him and only come at the time, another thing that helps patient is that he can search for any doctor according to his specialty, this helps a lot if the patient doesn't know the name of the doctor. Also this website is very useful for the doctor, the doctor can check his appointment easily and he can also update his working hour without worrying about the patient's knowledge of new working hours, Helps the doctor deal with patient reports rather than using files and papers, he can easily write and display reports. We will use android studio to develop the mobile application and we will make a website. First the doctor should register by using mobile application or website and insert his name, specialty, clinic address, clinic phone number, then he can determine his working hour. On the other hand, patient who register with us will see the doctor appointment and reserve it easily.