Design of Southern west Part of Nablus Ring Road

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Ruba Monther Nayrat
sheefa Riyad Qanaze
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Nablus attends major traffic movement due to the large commercial and population activities, and because of its central location between the west Bank’s main cities . It’s considered as a link between those cities, causing traffic jams in the city center and that requires a presence of an alternative and circular streets such as (Ring road), in order to reduce the large volume of traffic and the delay . The project is an extension of the proposed ring road in the southern-west of the city Nablus. Design and operating this road will serve the traffic that comes from the Western and southern regions of the city and major cities such as Qalqilia , Tulkarem and Ramallah in the future, which intends to reduces traffic congestion within city specifically, at Al-makhfeya region (AL-makhfeya al Olwe street) and Engineers Quarter Housing street. Moreover, the road will increase urbanization in the proposed area of the road. The significance of the project is presented in the following points: 1) Part of the existing ring road is planned in the master plan. 2) The functional classification of the road is an arterial with 25 m width. 3) Shorten the distance and accordingly the travel time between Nablus AL-Jadeda and AL-Amirya area including An-Najah New Campus. 4) It will contribute in developing surroundings areas including land price and enhancing urbanization direction. The project includes the geometric design at the targeted Ring road. Starting from Zein AL-Abedeen Mosque intersection and ending at Nablus AL-Jadeda Round about, provided all needed data sheets maps. The design criteria is performed based on AASHTO 2011 and using civil 3D software. The project is composed from three different parts of total length of about 3.2 km. The first part is paved with length of 1.2 km. The second part is dirt (base course) with length of 0.5 km. And finally the third part is still not opened with length of 1.5km.