Customer service system

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Shaima’, Albzoor
Aya, Arafat
Anhar, Naghnaghia
Sajida, Dweikat
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The purpose of this project is to build Customers’ Service Web Application System, for companies which have more than one branch, in order to help them move from pure human systems to computerize system which will be more efficient, reduce cost and time. The plan is to build a dynamic system for any company with customer services, starting with Tubas electricity Company. This project also contains Notification and Workflow systems will which help customers track their applications. Unfortunately, because of the time constraint, there are parts of the project can used only for Tubas Electricity Company. By using this system the user can fill out Customer Applications, track applications, send Notifications, view, export to excel, and print different system Reports, define various services and assign rights to system users depending on their Role at their company. In addition to University supervisors, this project has been supervised by “Isra’ Software and Computer Company” as a real case project for Tubas Electricity Company. Requirements have been given as Technical view analysis report and have been discussed with the team before starting development process. In the development process, many tools have been used in order to build the web Application: • SQL Server 2012, SQL management Studio and Layer Generator for Database • Work flow system to implement the workflow • Visual Studio 2012 for the main code • DevExpress Tools for main Components • Axure Application for prototyping Crystal Report for Printing Reports