Facility Master Plan for Water Supply Services for Nablus city

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Majde Nael Alhaj Hamad
Khalil Hashem Barahmeh
Amr Allam Arandi
Mohammad Amjad Saymeh
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The study area covers Nablus city which is located in the northern part of West Bank. Nablus is considered as the main cultural and commercial city in West Bank since it’s the largest city in West Bank. The Population of Nablus was about 388321 capita according to Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) for year 2017, Also the total area of the city is 29947 dunums, with a mean annual rainfall of 471-652 mm. The infrastructure of the water Network of Nablus consists of three main reservoirs. In addition to that it has pipelines of total length about 450KM that pass 30-35 thousand m3 /d. It takes water from different resources distributed in Nablus Governorate. The main objective of that project is to prepare a facility master plan for water supply services for Nablus city for the next 20 years. The Master plan will include a set of proposed projects to meet the future water requirement of the Population. To achieve the above objective, The study will go through these steps: 1. Data collection and review of the existing condition. 2. Estimate the future demand for different zones based on the expected number of population. 3. Estimate the present & future water demand. 4. Estimate the future water gap. 5. Propose additional resources for water and infrastructure. 6. Prepare an implementation plan for infrastructure. The expected outcome of this project is to prepare a facility master plan & investment program for water supply services for Nablus city for the next 20 years