Analysis and Design of Residential Building in Nablus City

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Musab Saleh
Naef Zaid
Ameer Salem
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Our graduation project concerns with the structural analysis and design of reinforced concrete Building in Nablus. The building consists of eight floors (garage at the basement, and 7 floors) , and it has a total area of 6006.5 m2. Our graduation project report shows the procedure of structural analysis and design of the building for gravity and seismic loads .The analysis and design process started by basic assumption regarding the structural systems , loading scenarios , and initial dimension of the member . The main load bearing system was considered to be made of slab on drop beams carried by columns, with two-way U-boot slabs. The project analyzed and designed using three dimensional structural modeling computer program (ETABS) , and it designed according to strength and serviceability criteria as specified in ACI 318-14 code and UBC-1997 code. We chose to design this building as a representative example of the type of the most of the structures in Nablus. At the end of the project we give a structural analysis of the building, design all members of the building to resist gravity and seismic loads and produce practical structural drawings for all members.