Design of a wastewater collection network for the southern part of Tubas

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Sarah M. Mansour
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The key of the life is water. Water is the most important thing in the word even for the plant, animals and for the human. We have many uses of water like washing, cooking, cleaning and so on due to all these uses, it leads to generate wastewater. Disposal of the wastewater is necessary; it is done through cesspits and its used wide of the West Bank. Tubas has this problem of cesspits, the wastewater in Tubas leaks to the ground water, which make it useless, also the cesspits make bad odors and the cost of the suction of the cesspits and the cost of construction the cesspits; are very high. The design of the wastewater collection network is the solution to solve all this problem, to make the design a methodology was followed; we have collected the needed data which was related to the outline, contours and streets of the study area ,and some information's that related to the water reality of Tubas ,then we have calculated the wastewater load after that we have started to construct the network by determination of the sites of manholes and according to the topography of the area we have linked between them, then we used Sewer CAD as a software to design the whole network, after we have finished the whole work we went to calculated the cost of the design, finally we put the conclusions and the recommendation for the project