Structural Analysis and Design of Al-Mashhad Building for Static and Dynamic Loads

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Adnan K. Abdat
Mohammad A. Ali
Baker M. Bani Odeh
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As civil engineers, we deal with the analysis and design of many types of structures using the knowledge and skills obtained from the various courses we studied, so in this project we will apply what we learned and check our understanding through the design of a real residential building. The building which is to be designed is Al Mashhad residential building. This project was designed and is yet to be built. It has 6 floors of total height 24.5 m and a total area of 2705 m2. It contains dorms for students, stores, and a fitness center. After the analysis of Al Mashhad building in Zababida, Jenin for gravity and lateral loads in graduation project I, the design for gravity and lateral loads will be continued in this project (II). This building is made for students who study in Zababida Jenin and live far away from the city, so the building is residential type. The building is located in an agricultural field, so the foundation soil is expected to be problematic. The structural system will be assumed moment resisting frames, with shear walls for lateral loads that will be designed in this project (II). U-boot slabs structural systems will be used in our design due to the large spans between the columns. This project will be designed using sap 2000 software and the required checks will be made manually. Structural details will be drawn using Auto Cad, and the design shall conform to (ACI) specifications.