Assessment of Level of Implementation of Green Manufacturing Practices in the Palestinian Concrete-Mixing Industry

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Nazzal, Ashraf
Abu-diak, Abd-alruhman
Bani Odeh, Ali
Abd-alrazeq, Ahmad
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The ready- mix concrete industry is considered one of the strategic industries in all countries of the world, where the industry is of great importance in construction and reconstruction projects. This industry has a particular significance in Palestine specially in this particular time, where the Palestinian society is undergoing a phase of construction and reconstruction, which increases the demand for ready-mix concrete, where all construction works are based on this basic material, the Palestinian market needs about 2 million cups annually in the West Bank, this industry contributes to the improvement of the Palestinian economy and the provision of many jobs directly and indirectly. However this industry has considerable impact on the environment, resulting from the materials used in producing concrete, the dust and emissions associated with the process, and the huge consumption of resources mainly water and energy, of course all that have direct effect on the cost of product. The Green manufacturing has been given great attention by the world industrial companies for its role in improving manufacturing processes through optimizing the use in the consumption of raw materials and energy and reduce industrial waste and emissions at all its manufacturing operations, as well as providing high-quality products. This project aims to assess the existing situation of the ready-mix concrete plants in the northern West Bank, by data collecting of the existing practices related to economic, environmental and social aspects, In addition, the project aims to develop a framework for green manufacturing to assess the concrete-mixing industry from a green manufacturing perspective by identifying the weaknesses in the industry and suggesting propos solution to develop the industry and make it greener.