Development of the Kafr Rai electricity network and the cluster network

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Sbeah Abd-AlRahman
Bni Jaber Yazan
Helan Hani
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The project aims to study the performance of the electricity network of the town of Kafr Rai and add a new connection point that supports the connection point from the Israeli side in the eastern region of the town from the city of Tubas, with a maximum capacity of 2-3 megawatts from the Tubas Electricity Company. A study and analysis of the load flow of the electricity network in the town of Kafr Ra’i was conducted using the ETAP program, and this will include the original state and determine the current voltage, power loss and power factor, to know the effect of adding a new connection point to the network, improving the power factor, improving the voltage level and reducing electrical losses in the network and suggesting A solution to add a capacitor, change a tap changer, add a new connection point and change the configuration (eg adding a loop) thus reducing penalties in the municipal total tariff and increasing network reliability. To do this we followed the sequence below: 1- Collecting data on the municipality of Kafr Rai from the Electricity Department. 2- Study the original case. 3- Identifying interesting problems. 4- Compare the two conditions (with a new connection point and without a connection point). 5- Economic study. 6- Giving recommendations and conclusions.