Alice in Maze Land

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Banifadel, Suzan
Abu Khalaf, Laila
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Modern devices such as smart phones and personal computers have become accessible to young people before adults, obsession and addiction to games has become inevitable and escapeless, therefore arose the need to pay attention to the content of these games to be appropriate with the age of the player, as these games affect the player behavior and indirectly his way of thinking especially children’s and teenagers. Thus, in our project we mainly aimed to design a Unity3d Educational Game (Alice in Maze Land) that will be focusing on children from age 11 to 14. Its a Game-based learning (GBL) that help the children to get knowledge of the most important tutorials in field of physics chemistry and geographic . The important of education never end but most of the people don’t like to learn because they feel its an obligation or mandatory for them to learn so they prefer to play but what is we combine learning and playing together . Aren’t we going to encourage them to educate ? Education without knowing that you are motivate your brain to think in and outside the box it’s the most beneficial education for the person because its going to last in the long memory but mandatory education is going to fade away as soon as possible from the short memory thus they will never get to learn anything so our project purpose is perceived a highly engaging approach of learning at a supplementary level.