PV-Diesel Hybrid system with energy storage batteries: design, configurations and performance evaluation

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Salameh, Osama
Ata, Mohammad
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The renewable energy becomes the base for the different technology’s as a continuous and unbreakable source of energy, it becomes essential to know how to deal with this source of energy, how to achieve the best benefit from this source of energy. Here we deal with one of the most important and unbreakable source which is the sun energy a clean, economic and secure source of energy.So we have to be able to exploit this source of energy in best way .Photovoltaic Diesel Generator- Hybrid System, is one of the most systems that combine between the traditional type of energy and the sun energy, many studies and analysis were carried out for this type of systems in Palestine, and it was found that using this type of hybrid systems is economically and more feasible than using diesel or PV- standalone systems .In addition ,they found that the amount of radiations from the sun here in Palestine is good enough to produce the power for the rural area in Palestine. This type of hybrid systems can solve like these problems and in economic way. But to make this system works in efficient and economical way we should find the best configuration and the best operating condition for the system to achieve the aim of this system. Here in our study we are going to define the components of this system and analyze the behavior of the system to find it’s characteristics and advantages. After that we will state the needed formula. After that we are going to choose the best type PV-Hybrid System configurations depending on evaluation and comparison between several configurations from economic, environmental view, and the least dumping energy combination by using software program (HOMER), and we implement a MATLAB code but it still need improvement be use to get some description for any given system.