Smart PetHouse

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Hassan Saed Abu Thiab
Mohammad Belal Mousa
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A lot of pet owners struggle with taking care of their pet, especially if the person has work to do and has none to look after them while they are away. And even if the person is around taking care of such tasks can be quite a toll, our project aims to provide these people with the ability to do so through modern methods and ones that will make the process much easier and encourage more people to adopt a pet and give them a safe home. Pethouse is a system that connects with factors within your house in order to automate specified tasks by the user, it will be remotely controlled by the user while also providing the ability to control a few aspects through a numpad as well. A pet owner house does contain multiple systems that the project can handle, such as heat, air conditioning, providing food automatically, as well as providing more modern means to clean up the letterboxes of the pet without having to lift a finger, and the ability to provide security for the pets through detection in case the pet leaves the house by sending the user a notification through the mobile application. All these monitoring and control abilities are handled through a hardware kit, multiple hardware pieces such as sensors as well and a software mobile application will be built using the cross-platform React Native UI framework to work in both android and IOS, and connected to firebase real-time database instances. As far as we know, this project was not done before but something quite similar to it already exists in the form of a smart house and our project is inspired by it.