Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS)

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Daraghma, Ahmad
Khalifa, Dima
Khater, Motasem
Abu yacoub, karmel
Ismail, Saif
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Due to the large projects headed by companies and institutions in different fields all over the word, new technologies and facilities are needed to ease the work and lead to high quality in production and/or services. Employees with high competences are also needed to implement the management system to help in reaching the high quality production. Furthermore, educational background of the employees is not enough to let them stand strong on their feet and act accordingly when needed. Depending on education only will create gab in performing their work, which requires high skills and competencies. Companies will also face on-going problems when trying to optimize it selves. So, this project aims to solve these issues using Competency Assurance Management Systems, which considered, as a Learning & Development System used to ensure that fresh graduates/newly recruits will perform their job, tasks and assignments competently and increasing their KPI’s. Competency Assurance Management System is considered as the most comprehensive system available nowadays in managing human capabilities, learning and development, entrepreneurship, and leadership programs in the workplace. It is a straightforward to manage all staff assessments, training and competence profiles. Finally, in this project Standard Operating Procedures Manual was created and designed for the Competency Assurance Management System, which helps in implementing it at one of the Palestinian companies in order to improve its employee’s competencies and ensure their progression and increase its overall performance