Redesign of Municipal Development and Lending Fund Building in Ramallah

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Jawabreh, Amro
Sunallah, Masa
Ismail, Rasha
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The Credit Development Fund of Palestine, is a type of new administrative buildings (offices), and it is one of the main sources of credit for many individuals, citizens and local bodies, On the other hand, the importance of the loan fund appears in supporting and supporting the implementation of projects, which contributes to achieving sustainable development, and facilitating the provision of loans to local authorities. This project is an office building (development loan fund), based on a land area of (1066 m) in Ramallah It was designed by (Al-Ameed office) who won the first place in the architectural competition in Held in the Syndicate of Engineers It is eight floors (6 floors and 2 basements) . In this project, the building of the Fund and the Lending Authority was designed in an integrated manner, and the building was considered from all aspects of architecture, construction, mechanical and electrical, and the estimating of quantities and costs.