Chemistry 4D

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Jabr, Majd
Batyeh, Dalia
Kalbouneh, Nadeen
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The educational system in Palestinian schools highly depends on text-based material which is used to teach students several subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. Learning using text-based material such as books makes the educational process outdated as students nowadays have great access to material online. In addition, students have different learning preferences. Therefore, using only book makes it difficult for them to understand the educational concepts thoroughly. This project will focus on improving the educational process for the Chemistry subject which is taught for high school students. Student enrolled in the Chemistry can’t visualize the main concepts taught to them such as the atoms and how electrons spin around it. Although there are lab experiments included in chemistry books, some schools don’t have labs or the required equipment and components. In addition there are several dangerous chemical reactions and some experiments which need toxic materials and can’t be carried out at school labs. And to overcome all of these problems, a Four Dimensional (4D) mobile application is developed in a way that makes learning chemistry more interesting, easy to understand and to help students learn by doing rather than just reading. Although there are a lot of applications that focus on chemistry and used by students in different levels from beginners to specialists, but this chemistry application combines more than one subject in chemistry, provides some quizzes and let the user see the atom, its electrons and reactions in one application. This application will use Augmented Reality (AR) for improving education, in order to engage students in more powerful learning experience. In addition, it helps students to interact with three dimensional (3D) objects and change parameters in real-time. This augmented chemical reaction is an AR chemistry application that tries to visualize elements, molecules, molecular reactions, show the results of the reactions in real-time and the dynamic behavior of molecules while interacting with each other. As well as helping students to understand the atoms and its shapes, also know the elements characteristics, shapes and use. Besides that, students could make quizzes, so students who already understood the concepts can practice to assess their progress and an admin can add some new chemical equations to the application and see the results. The application consist of cards and the AR that is used will provide the possibility to load virtual 3D objects on top of these cards, just by pointing the device on the card face then start moving and rotating the physical cards.