sarvellance robot

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Sahar Saleh
Hala Abduljalil
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fires and others, humanity stands only before discovering those dangers, and there are many examples, and the results of exploration attempts endanger humans, Hence the idea of our project to try to reduce this inevitable danger to humanity and to create an automated alternative that performs the task of exploring danger in smart and technological ways without exposing humans to any danger, in addition to collecting the largest possible amount of useful information that can carry the warning inside. Our project is a Surveillance robot used to monitor and detect certain areas the robot is sent to, by filming and displaying a streaming video, the robot's movement is controlled by two modes: • The first mode: controlling its movement through a website, where it can move forward, backward, right and left, in addition to controlling the speed of the robot also the amount of Flash, and the camera angle by using Servo. • Autonomous mode: Movement individually where the robot moves alone, changing its movement to the right or left if a foreign object appears in front of it. To make and complete this project, we will mainly rely on sensitive sensors of different types, which will help us in exploring the hazards, we will use the camera that enables us to display the vision of the areas, and then we will use it additionally. For all the hardware requirements to build a bot architecture, and finally use a website with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript to control it.