Analysis and Design of Illar Water Distribution Network {WDN}

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Ahmad Qashou
Mahmood Al-Barri
Wael Mahameed
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Illar is a Palestinian town located in Tulkarm governorate in the north of west bank, this graduation project aims to analyze and redesign of the water distribution network (WDN) of Illar town and finally to predict the cost of new design of the WDN. The analysis process was very important to make an assessment for the current WDN, which design in 2007 for a demand of 120 L/c.d. In 2017, the water supply reached to 120.2 L/c.d with a consumption of 107 L/c.d with a loss of 11%. Analysis hydraulic result of the WDN was not sufficient enough, the pressure values rang between (-11, 148 mH2O), with the velocity values varies from (0, 2.53) m/s. These values don’t meet the specification of pressure of (0.3-3) m/s. The design is essential to enhance the current situation of WDN, and to give better hydraulic parameters of pressure and velocity. The new design has a design period of 30 years and design demand of 150 L/capita/day (WHO), peak factor of 1.8 was taken in consideration. New design suggests a new tank in Illar with an elevation of 320m in order to increase water supply. After design, Pressure values vary in a range between 3 to 100 mH2O with majority of values are in a range between 20 -80 mH2O, and velocity values vary in a range between 0.1-3 m/s (the most values are in preferred range 0.3-3m/s). Total cost of the new project is predicted to reach 1179236 (NIS), this value contains cost of pipe material cost, excavation and backfilling works, layout of WDN, and pressure reducing valves.