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Yaseen, Bassam
Dardouk, Amjad
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Some people find it difficult to use Q&A websites, getting an answer for your question has never been so easy, the process of asking a question and getting the answers using Q&A available websites isn’t easy enough for users. So this project is website that is available for everyone and reachable from anywhere, the project is provided with smart features to help the user to get answers for their questions and exchange information like Category classification, getting the related questions and maintain reliable data as possible. All what users need to do is login into the website and write their questions to get an answer for it, after that the website will give the user all the related questions on the website for the user to search for an answer, if the user didn’t find the answer, the question will be classified to its category and posted on the website to get an answer for it, users can rate all the answers on the website to maintain a reliable answers as possible. This project uses React framework to design the user interface and Django framework for the backend, we used SQLite as the database. For the machine learning this project uses a lot of SKLearn library functions and algorithms like Random Forest, CountVectorizer and Cosin Similarity and more. There are some similar websites but none of them provide any smart features like this project, and this project provide an easy to use and modern GUI that is easy to work with, the main idea of this project is to provide a smart, simple and easy to use Q&A website